Anonymous Residence

Weeks ago a family we know invited us over for dinner. All I can say is, man, it was our pleasure to be at their home, because it was gorgeous!

DSC_0673DSC_0670Nice lighting again. Me likey! However, what makes this very special for me is that the whole place, and I mean the whole design of the place, from the wood to the furnishing to the details, were all done by the lady of the house herself. Say it with me: AMAZING.



DSC_0676DSC_0685Though the whole house and its designs were up to miss lady herself, this open koi pond was entirely for her husband, the man of the house. He’s this chill guy who relaxes in a lot of ways, and these koi are very therapeutic for him!

DSC_0701DSC_0686The lady of the house can whip up a lot of sumptuous food, the names of some which left my mom tongue-tied. LOL

DSC_0694DSC_0689DSC_0711DSC_0696How would you describe the vibe of the place so far? I’d say it definitely gives off a modern vibe – with the lines, neutral colors and all – with trendy Asian influences here and there, thrown in the mix. The still-pretty-young couple owning this are pretty modern and hip themselves, so I guess the home reflects who they are!

DSC_0710DSC_0702DSC_0729DSC_0704Their two cute, but oh-so-naughty children. They’re the perfect example of the idiom “don’t judge the book by its cover”! LOL

DSC_0724DSC_0715DSC_0712Gorgeous birds-nest lighting fixture with eggs as the lights. Stunning!


For your information, the one on the right is my aunt, while the one on the left is the very entertaining man of the house. He makes such a perfect host…
DSC_0717…while the lady of the house continues to be a virtuoso in the cooking area. Her home-baked cookies are chewy and to-die-for! I swear, she gives Mrs. Fields good competition!

DSC_0730DSC_0727DSC_0725Even their dirty kitchen is worth a second look! Here’s their youngest son with their pet rabbit, James Roger. O di ba, lakas maka-sosyal ng name! 😀

DSC_0742Up to the second floor, where the cozy bedrooms are… and the good stuff of the lady of the house are. 😀 Completely squeal-worthy!

DSC_0739DSC_0751The children’s bedroom is one room, then divided into two: one for the girl, and one for the two boys. Mom candidly remarked that the colours must have gotten mixed up (blue for the girl and red for the boys), and the red must be what has been making the boys too excitable in school. 😀 Oh well. No rules when it comes to red and blue, right?

DSC_0741DSC_0750DSC_0749DSC_0743DSC_0748The boys getting their Top Model on for me. Haha!

DSC_0754DSC_0758DSC_0756This bathroom made everyone gasp, and is one of the pride and joys of the lady of the house. I mean, look how gorgeous it is! Completely magazine-worthy, and again, please consider the fact that this is completely self-conceptualized and designed! This is the mark of people born with an innate eye for style. Also worth checking out…

…the entertainment room.

DSC_0759DSC_0764This is an area that the husband is very passionate about – and for good reason. This was the time I learned that different kinds of speakers do matter, and that a complete audio experience is definitely different! Coupled with the ambiance, this definitely is a place to relax! 🙂

DSC_0765DSC_0770Up to the final floor, which I would call the this-and-that floor, we have more surprises in the form of random knick-knacks put all over the room… (about this boat: “did you know that this was only ___RMB in China? It’s blahblahblah…”

DSC_0771…and the lady’s walk-in closet, which I hope made my mom grateful for mines, which is like 1/6 the size of this!

DSC_0776DSC_0778And by the way? If somebody happens to have any bad idea about this lovely house, then they better think twice – because of this gun collection. Okay, it’s a non-deadly-gun collection, but it still hurts pretty bad, m’kay? I don’t need to try it for myself to take the man of the house’s word for it.

DSC_0734Le sigh. More than the gorgeous house with the amazing lighting and the stylish accessories, it’s about the people in it and the warmth of the family inside it. What makes it a pretty ideal home for me is the love I see among the five of them as a complete family – what’s a home without people in it and their love, right? 🙂 Merry Christmas to all of you, and may we never forget the Reason for the season!



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