Tramway Tea House (Banawe)

Honestly, the fam & I have never heard of Tramway Tea House – but buffet at P205 (just above $5) a head? GO!

Tramway BanaweAs usual, no shot of the outdoors again – excited masyado the people LOL. The fam and I went with the rest of our co-teachers at school, because as the Filipinos say, the more the merrier! 😀

Tramway BanaweTramway BanaweDSC_0242Tramway BanaweLovely, right? Who says teachers are all losyang (matronly? How do you translate this word?) and everything? 🙂

Tramway Banawe

Tramway BanaweAnyway, on to the buffet itself. As any self-respecting Chinese should be, my parents’ radar went high up into “very interested” once they heard of the very affordable P205 price. BUFFET, man. The question, however, always is: will the food be up to par?

Tramway BanaweTramway BanaweThese are about 1/3 of the food that were available during the buffet – more common ones like adobo and buko pandan, to a little more special ones like hot salad rolls. My favorite!! As you can probably deduce by now, the food at Tramway isn’t so super special like those other specialty buffet restaurants like Vikings and stuff. However, taste isn’t so bad, either – it passed my mom’s “acceptable” standards, and we found nothing unsatisfactory with the food. Most importantly, ze stomachs didn’t react badly the next day! LOL 😀

Tramway BanaweTramway BanaweOne thing I must mention though – the sushi is amazing. Maybe not international-chef-amazing, but good enough for me. Delicious! Reminded me of the 2RMB sushi I used to get with friends at our usual joint in Guangzhou.

DSC_0241DSC_0240How about you? Have you been to Tramway Tea House and tried its buffet? What did you think about it? 🙂



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