Dulcinea and the King

Until recently, I haven’t been to Dulcinea in a long time…

DulcineaDulcineaWe’ve been going since I was a child. It was my auntie who got us hooked on two of their classics that remain best-sellers to this day: their Churros con Chocolate and Tropical Fruit Shake. A few churros con chocolate have come and gone my way, and some of them do taste better, but when we revisited Dulcinea last week, the churros were still fragrant and the chocolate deliciously think. Me gusta.


Something I just want to share: I got a very, very rare candid of my brother. Doing the sad face, nonetheless. This was when I promised to treat him to his favorite crepe at Crepes & Cream, but the one in Megamall suddenly closed down pala. Sadsies 😦 He really took it to heart…


The late part of the day saw us grabbing dinner on the road at Burger King. Among all fast-food chains, Burger King is no doubt my favorite among them all. I can eat anything in the store – especially their onion rings. Okay, they’re not the most realbut addicting nonetheless! Also, who could resist a good ol’ flame-roasted double-patty burger with bacon & barbecue sauce? 😀 Right?

DSC_0096Burger KingBurger KingBurger KingDSC_0098Burger KingBurger KingAnd oh, a finishing touch to positively ruin your evening:

DSC_0086Dan auditioning for a sexy magazine spread LOL. Don’t judge, I didn’t make him do it! 😉



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