Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic

Tomorrow’s a holiday in the Philippines – Bonifacio Day – so yay for teachers! 😀 It’s so hard to believe that after just a day, it’s the month of Christmas all over again. Sometimes you just get the feeling that time goes so slow, but so fast as well. Wait, does that even make sense? 😐

I don’t know, but since it’s Christmas season, we’re gonna go Christmas shopping tomorrow, Divisoria style! For now, here are some stuff that I’m already excited about:

Yes, I’m 21 and still have acne. I don’t know what’s breaking me out as I sleep at 10pm everyday now, but it’s kinda disheartening. I mean, skin, you should be calming down by now. Imma zap those stubborn ones (hopefully) with this Neutrogena salicylic acid wash.
And yay, Mom got won over with the idea of re-coloring my hair, as the last one was… well, a year ago. Le me is still in the process of finding the perfect brown-red, so my experimenting starts… here. 😀

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I see jumbo-sized beauty stuff. Not only does that keep me put for months, it’s actually cheaper to buy big! Did you know that? 🙂 Something my mom taught me ever since I set foot in my first grocery store. Anyway, I used to not be a believer of the Pantene hype, but after I got a US version of their conditioner, I was hooked. It was the very first time that my hair grew out, long, for months, without split ends. Needless to say, I’m a believer now! 🙂

Okay, this doesn’t count as a purchase, but… I was about to open them, and wanted to preserve the cuteness with a picture. 🙂 Cute Kleenex tissues straight from Guangzhou, which, as you may predict, brings back floods of memories again! Ahhh drama queen.

P.S. WordPress changed certain settings, mainly the “add media” ones. I am so thrown for a loop right now…


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