Freestyle Wednesdays (3-in-1)

Wow, it’s been ages. Too long, in fact, that I actually have three Freestyle Wednesdays to catch up on. Gaaah.

A short recap of the last two:

The “ice Watch” from 168, emphasis on quotation marks. Hahaha 😀

from China necklace, Etam long cardigan, *forgot brand!!* black tank, Zara skirt, Payless heels

Forever 21 dress, from China wedges

That’s it for the backlog! (Freestyle Wednesday-wise, of course) Here’s the one shot just earlier! O ha, fresh! 😀 LOL

Cotton On top, from China necklace & belt

This was the kind of top that, if I saw it for myself in a store, I probs wouldn’t buy – but then I saw someone else/model-in-a-picture wearing it, and then I go, “oooh, this can work.” 😀

Here’s the story, because it just has to be told: the tribal skirt is a gift from my roomie of 3+ years, Karine. She bought twin ones for us (hers is pink), but sadly I didn’t get to wear it in Guangzhou. Now that skirts are practically a staple for work, I whipped this out – only to discover it’s meant to be a mini. Seriously! The top was already tied up to match the mini, and out I went… when my mom caught me. 😀 It had to be hiked down to under my belly-button (okay, TMI) before it could be work-appropriate as you can see! Crazies!

Problem is, tying up the super-long top won’t work with the new, more ehem modest length, tucking in won’t work as well – eeek! In frustration I just let the whole top down and – *lightbulb in head* – this actually works! Well, for a more casual day I would have done without the belt (it looked so hippie-cool, like I’m-wearing-a-cool-skirt-and-I-don’t-care), but just so it wouldn’t look to casual for work, I added in the belt. What do you think? 🙂

Steve Madden shoes


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