Luna Residence – Interior

Previous post about this house here.

My blabbing ends here, and the avalanche of pictures start! Didn’t edit these, because aside from the fact that they are crazy many, the lighting inside was excellent. Maybe my camera settings got lucky, too. 😀 Amazing, amazing house to shoot. My mom even got jealous and told me, “eh why aren’t you shooting our house?” 😀 Here we go!

Part of their receiving area

The Luna’s own a farm, which just keeps sprouting delicious bananas and other fresh, organic produce. Definitely something my body’s happy with! 🙂 These photos are all just like how I took it! Told you the lighting was amazing 🙂

The other side of the receiving area

Okay, couldn’t resist blabbing again, but: I realized that the reason this house is so photogenic is due to the fact that their indoor lighting consists of lights strategically placed around as opposed to the full-ceiling lights we usually have. That’s the sort of thing photographers intentionally manipulate *remembers Ahia D’s photography lesson*, but it all worked out well here. Lucky me. 🙂

To demonstrate, let’s take a quick detour to the kitchen, shall we? 🙂

The family is big on everything natural and organic, and they mean it. They’re also blessed to have sourced a lot of excellent material for their home, such as this floor made of maulawin wood! (Just Google that, LOL)

Riiight. Gorgeous ceiling, gorgeous light, gorgeous materials, gorgeous everything!! Off to the other parts of the house! I hope you’re not dizzy yet LOL

I was (willingly) sidetracked by the youngest, Justina, who insisted on taking me to a tour of the second and third floor, which don’t follow the normal next-floor architecture too, by the way. This was in the third floor/rooftop, which is the girls’ bedroom! It had such this homey cabin feel to it that I looove, I wanted to sleep over for the night right then and there! Unfortunately, no more further pictures of the beautiful rooftop/upper floors (more cool bedrooms, I swear!) as Kaia decided to die on me right then and there. 😦
Cozy among all the stuff that lies around. I guess that’s what happens if you’re an antique or everything-vintage lover: you just pick up something that you fall in love with – in this case, furniture and small details you see from posh stores in Megamall to street stalls in Vigan.

Dad playing Scrabble with Julio the goofball, who insists on certain words just to keep himself alive! Hahaha 😀

Before you go saying “hmmm, that looks like an actual yoke…” well, it is! Now used as a swing by the smaller kids, and also…

…photo frame! Hahaha but seriously. This was just another of those moments I didn’t think about, but when I just passed by and went, “whoa, cool!” I love moments with my Kaia like that. 🙂

If all through this post, you’ve been wondering where the bathroom was… here it is. 😀 Love, right? It looks beautiful here at night, and the day view is another thing entirely. I’d be a little unsure if the usual tree inhabitants would fall on me or not, but aside from that, this looks like a good place to have a bath pictorial. AS IF! Hahaha!


Man, beautiful house, right? I mean, I’m not a person who’s crazy about antique/vintage style, but I still fell head over heels in love with this house. What is even more admirable is, it didn’t have to cost the Lunas tons of money to make it this way. To me, the house is not only a standing proof of Tita Marie’s architectural and design talent, but also a testament of how far creativity and resourcefulness can take you – something, in my humble opinion, a lot are missing out on today.


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