Luna Residence – Exterior

Now that it’s written down, people might most probably misunderstand it as “moon residence” or something. You know, luna being Spanish for moon…

Don’t mind me. I’m just stressed. 😐

Anyway, as I mentioned last time, the Lunas have a very interesting house which definitely stands out from all the cookie-cutter houses in the neighborhood. The matriach, who happens to be an architect & interior designer, loves antiques and everything vintage, so it definitely shines through in the house design. Taking that into consideration, it’s a no-brainer that materials like premium native wood (narra, anyone?) and everything organic were used all throughout. This is a house that’s definitely ahead of the go-all-natural trend right now, that’s for sure!

I mean, doesn’t it look like an urban jungle already? 😀 We’re featuring the already-amazing exterior for now, because I almost died upon seeing all the pictures! Part 2 is necessary, so just you wait. 😀 For a meantime, here’s a preview of the upcoming post on its interiors; if it’s piqued your interest, even just a teeny bit of it, I’ll be over the moon in happiness. 😀

(my favorite, favorite shot of them all!! Love how this turned out with the darkness and the lighting!! Lord, You love me talaga LOL)

Are you already in love with the house as I am? 🙂


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