Up and Coming

Rush post again, sorry!!!

The reason why I can’t keep my blogging straight! Stress left and right… my desk ain’t winning any cleanest-desk awards soon. On the other hand…

My high schoolers are just surprisingly sweet sometimes. At their monthly cooking fair, two of the most unexpected ones bought these for me. Believe me when I say that I don’t drink iced tea, but I drank it out of gratitude! Thank You, Lord, for the random joys of life.

Start the day right, eat breakfast right! Rice keeps me going, and also keeps my tummy, err, present.

I finally got curious about the Percy Jackson series after watching the movie about 2 years ago. (Has it been that long?) Anyway, the 1st year high school girls in our school are all about Rick Riordan and all, so I actually borrowed the Percy Jackson series of books from one of them. Yes, after I borrowed the Hunger Games series from another one of them LOL. No shame in wanting to read a book, though! Mom actually told me, “you still read children’s stories like that?” But I beg to disagree! I’ve always taken interest in mythology, so this series is definitely interesting for me. For those who’ve read it, how do you find it? 🙂

Say HELLO to my room! Well, about a week ago. O ha, improving. 😀 LOL seriously, Mom asked the maid to start spring cleaning on our cabinets, and mine fell on Friday. So hello, clothes out of the cabinet! Mom’s taking this chance to discourage me from buying more clothes (“oh, it’s a pain to ayos (fix) no? So don’t buy anymore.”) but I can say it’s not working. Yet. 😀

If you’ve gotten mildly interested in birds and my last post about them, then it’s joy for you again… because another birdie dropped by a few days ago. You know my dad got all excited about it – he shot so much of this single one bird, in fact. Lucky you (or us)!


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