All Saints’ Day

(sneaking in some practice shots in low lighting after tutorial session… #noedit)

This was November 1 but… you know me. Queen of backlog and everything. Work has been so crazy, the trivial things like piano playing, blogging and Instagram are relief to me. But anyway…

The Chinese typically have a day (sometime in April, I think?) where they go visit their dead and pay their respects. In the Philippines, it goes quite differently for the Chinese or Filipino-Chinese here, as we:

1) go to the cemetery on November 1 and,

2) it’s actually an excuse for family to get together and pig out on lots of food everybody brings. 😀 Seriously, it couldn’t go further from the supposed solemn air surrounding this day.

 We go to Manila North Cemetery every year, and if you make me go alone, I’ll still get lost. 😐 Anyway, boredom always sets in after a while, so we’ve learned from experience and brought books, newspapers etc., but I just unleashed my opportunista side and took the chance to have a photo-op… in the most deserted places of the whole cemetery! LOL

Neighbors on the other side

Shirt – H&M, necklace – from China

Jeans – Morgan de Toi

Even Dad got bored, so we walked around and into the place of another relative, although quite distant. The thing below is what they use to burn those paper money which they believe will go to their deceased loved ones up there.

 Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Told you I was opportunista haha. Although I do like taking photos of what I wear, it’s so terribly embarrassing to do so in public, where you can’t exactly command everyone to turn their backs first. 😐

Ring – from China, bag – Esprit

Of course, there’s family. God above all else, then family! For me, I love this yearly November 1 thing not only because of the food (though it definitely takes up a huge chunk LOL), but because it’s also the time I get to see family members who I normally don’t see, regularly or not. Case in point – my cousin Jasher, who along with his family moved to the States about 10 years ago, but he’s back now! ❤

Something about my family, if you’re interested at all: they’re not the mushy, love-you type. I mean, they care about you as relatives should for each other and all that shiz, They’re just not the lovey-dovey, nice-type kinds of people; I guess they’re “tough love” personified. I mean, all but one of my uncles yell at me and my other cousins, so much that I’m actually hesitant to talk to them again, but that’s their language of love! Oh well.

(really old) Sandals – Naf Naf

After getting all bloated from the food and junk food, one uncle announced that we were going to Tong Yang (a buffet hot pot restaurant) for dinner. Insaaaane for the diet, but all systems go!

I mean, I didn’t get to take a photo of the whooooole selection at the raw foods buffet, but man. You betcha I overloaded on meat!

And do you see my too-cool-for-school family? They’re like that – they won’t even bother to look at you for a photo! Ohhh, so not in sync with my lovey-dovey tendencies towards the family LOL

 To be entitled “The Lone Onion”. 🙂 Haha I love giving “names” to certain photos. Anyway, a year ago I wouldn’t have given onions a second look. I mean, who cooks onions on their own?! However, ever since I started going to Korean restaurants and falling in love with their grilled (?, can’t really translate well now) pork liempo, I have learned to appreciate the taste onions can bring to meat. Must try! 🙂


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