Story of the Black-Bellied Bird

One fine sunny day, we were all working in the office when we all heard a strange pitched chirp. My dad was actually the first one to notice it, because in my computer-deluged mind it first sounded like a normal chirp. (Province people, used to birds chirping all the time, yeah yeah :D)

See him?

Then, Dad saw a burst of yellow fly through our malunggay trees. Whoa! Safe to say, we all went out to bird-gaze… but where was he? 😮

See him yet?

Dayum. He had camouflage! He was yellow, but somehow the glare of the sun and the yellow tinges in the green of the malunggay leaves came together to quite camouflage him. Thank God for high pixel count, because the actual pictures were not as zoomed as this – that’s how far away he was!


See? He may be yellow, but he has a black side to him. O ha, dark side harhar. Bumblebee lang ang peg! 😀

Okay, that’s it for the not-so-exciting story of the black-bellied bird. Actually, while I was editing his pictures for this post, I thought he was a one-time thing lang – but would you believe it, minutes later excited Papa came in telling us that he brought two similar friends with him. AWWW. They flew away, however – maybe they didn’t want their dark side exposed after all. 😀

And oh, we have a calamansi plant. No, it doesn’t produce as much that we don’t need to buy from the market anymore (especially now that the parents have adopted the new fad of drinking the juice of 10 calamansi at the start of the morning), but one thing’s for sure, self-grown tastes as good, if not better, than the ones bought. And look at those flowers! ❤

Side note: wrong date, this was in October 31, not September. 😀

AND YES, it finally pushed through! LOL like something that was never meant to happen, that precious lessons time with the one and only Ahia Daniel Y. Go seemed to never come through. Nevertheless, I learned a lot, and am so excited to learn a lot more! It’s definitely a blessing to have such a talented mentor, how lucky of me. 🙂 What can I say, God loves me. 🙂 (and you!)

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