End of Break

Le sigh. You just have to accept the fact that vacation days fly by so much faster than work/study days, do you?

And yup, we were at Pueblo… again. What can you say, quietness, fresh air and the beach are never bad things. 🙂

The camera settings were totally messed up here as I wasn’t so familiar with it yet + Papa taking the shots. Todo edit na! (Time to edit!)

Shirt – Uniqlo

Leggings – Bershka

Ring – from China

One of the private houses in Pueblo. Seriously, I get the concept of a vacation house, but if you visit it like, once a month… well, I don’t really get it. Would you build a house that you won’t get to frequently visit and live in anyway?

Sandals – Tkees

Scarf – Mango

One of my favorites! Just look at that color. For this day, though, it primarily served as extra camera protector. LOL

I completely lucked out with this shot, as it was already very dark, and the lighting happened to be there. I learned that it was better to use a tripod for low-light shots though, because they tend to get very blurry. “Lucky shots” like this make me happy, but at the same time always make me want to ram my head in a wall, because I didn’t take note of the settings when this happened. :p


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