Tags Collection

Care for a J.Co donut? 🙂

Something different I thought up to do for the blog…

Many people have collections of their own – from the obvious stamps etc. to the kooky ones, I admire how people have a collection, take care of it, and stick to it. For a while, I desperately wanted my own, too, and looked to see what “items” I could build a collection on. This is where the story gets interesting – I naturally gave up on the idea (that’s the laziness and procrastination in me heehee) and forgot about it. However, what I would keep from purchases, especially fashion purchases, and gifts from other people were the tags and labels. To me, not only were they a reminder that I’d bought something (harhar), but being a visual person, seeing them would help me remember those items and the stories behind them.

So that was how this tag collection naturally happened! Very natural, so I didn’t have a hard time “maintaining” it or adding to it. Though I must say, space is running pretty low… so I decided to photograph batches of them from time to time and put them here as well.

Uniqlo – Corporate Collaboration

Uniqlo – Corporate Collaboration

Orly – Bonder, Sunscreen for Nails

Maki (a tank top, gift from roommate, from Madagascar)

H&M (one of the many) – earrings

And just a teaser for the next post, about somewhere I’d already posted about:


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