Random Photos of the Day

I wish I could wake up to this every day, but due to price issues, it’s a no-go. 😦 Bacon, you are the most amazing food on earth, and I mean it.

Papa recently got a new orchid shoot from a friend, and has taken up a liking to photographing it. He set the ISO too high on this, however.

Jeffrey Campbell wedges for work. Gotta keep it fun whenever I can! Hoping to do and photograph a look with this and leather, though. 🙂

This made my day – granted, it was because their devotion class topic was “appreciative” and they had to write an appreciative note to someone, but from most of them I can see the sincerity put into every word. Simple or high-falluting, I loved each one of them… but I can’t find them right now because there is the scary possibility my unaware, clutter-hating mom already sold them as scrap paper. 😦

If this were a classic picture or painting, it’d probably be named “Cows on Flash” LOL. After a long night shooting the vintage, antique-themed residence of one of my dad’s friends, I was chilling at the car when my dad alerted to me to these cows. Imagine seeing a herd of cows (there are more than those in this picture) chillin’ in front of a private house, in a private subdivision? I’m pretty sure the owners of that house didn’t own those cows. But man, was it amazing or what? So I literally jumped out of the car, got my flash on (so I slightly edited these), and made a mad dash back for the car, in case the cows charged at me because of the flash.


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