Colour of the Week

COLOUR: Revlon White on White / Korean silver glitter polish

This is actually updated right now, LOL as this is still on my nails right now. It’s now the quarterly break for us teachers and students, so not only do I have plenty of time for ze blog like the good old days, but – and this is most important – I get to do my nails again! Yay! My nails have gone months without nail polish because of school policy, but now – my nails have gone back to life. MUAHAHA anyway…

The gang

Can you see my plans for this manicure? 😀 I ended up not using the matte topcoat for reasons you’ll see later on.

What has always been the ultimate white? In the beauty world, in print or in the blogosphere, the most popular one seems to be OPI’s Alpine Snow. However, no budget for that yet, so… let’s look at Revlon’s White on White, shall we. 🙂

Revlon White on White

Revlon White on White

Revlon White on White

Revlon White on White – brush

Looks nice, doesn’t it? I’ve always been a fan of Revlon’s brush because it’s thin, but not too thin that it makes it hard for polish to go on. It actually makes laying on the polish quite manageable. Let’s see how it looks on the nails…

Outdoors, in natural light

As you can see, especially at the angle of this photo, it can get quite streaky. White has always been a tricky colour to use (trickiest in my opinion, just before yellow), so this is quite unavoidable if you want to get opaque colour all-around. They’re not that noticeable as this photo suggests, though, so if you don’t mind brush strokes too much, this will do. 🙂

For this one, the consistency that I’ve come to know with Revlon polishes remain unchanged. Thin but not runny, and definitely not thick and goopy – quite a good formula to work with IMHO. 🙂 I’ve tried a white polish before that came quite thick, so it was a nightmare to manage the second coat – especially with the colour being white. 😮 Anyway,  the photos here show three coats, which didn’t turn out as thick as should be expected – that’s how amazing the formula is.

The wannabe-creative person in me then looked at this Korean silver glitter polish that my dear roommate Hongyao got for me (reviewed here), and thought: “hmmm, if we did just one coat, it may turn out to be a great glitter layer to the white. Let’s try that accent nail thing that’s been so popular lately.” Hmmm… how do you think it turned out? 😀

Outdoors, in natural light

Ta-daaa. It turned out much more opaque than I imagined. I wanted it to be mostly sheer, with glitter spread here and there. Guess not! Oh well, guess my “accent nail” attempt was a half-fail. 😐 I think a darker or bright colour or nail-art nail would look good as an accent nail to white; what do you think?

Oh, and let me blab some more – the natural light doesn’t look so ideal, I know. 😐 It was already around 4-5pm! I guess those experienced bloggers were right when they said either morning or 2-4pm are the best times to take outdoor pictures of anything. Le sigh, experience is the best teacher, I guess!

Indoors, natural light

Indoors, natural light

With flash

With flash

Overall, White on White is a shade that I wouldn’t hesitate to use again. Despite it being a creamy white, which is notorious to be difficult, this one didn’t give me so much of a challenge, so I guess you don’t need to be a pro to use this. 🙂

Have you tried Revlon White on White? What are your thoughts about it?


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