Freestyle Wednesdays – Heels that Hurt

…and I mean that they do. Ohh, why must the prettiest shoes be the most painful sometimes?

Earrings – from Mama

Since my photos still suck (ohh, the intricacies of photography), I just improvised and went edit-happy. 🙂 Also, you’ll notice a lot of my photos here lean to a certain side, because Dad was half-awake when he took these photos LOL.

Dress – People are People
Belt – from China

I realized I never mentioned how “freestyle Wednesdays” came about – I work in a school, where obviously you have uniforms, but our school’s policy allows us to wear dresses or tops + skirts of our choice on Wednesdays. I could have done better with an additional “pants/jeans” clause, but hey, this is good enough. 🙂

Ring – ASOS

When they saw this ring, my students called it “Darna” (a local Philippine female superhero). Mga walang-hiyang estudyante!

If you thought photography was easy, then, really, get a camera. I think my recent headaches are from all that focusing. 😐

Shoes – from China

Behold, the star of this post! Le painful, torturous shoes! Having first-hand experience with heels these past few months, there’s something I’ve realized: we often see photos of celebrities wearing heels that are described as “sky-high”, and we look at them and say, “well it doesn’t look that high at all!” blah blah. This day proved me very, very wrong. 😐 Am I the only one who’s experienced this?


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