How to entitle this? Work?

I am out of ideas even for corny titles right now.

Anyway, so excited to say that I’ll be having lessons with a photography guru who’s been one of my personal idols concerning photography ever since pretty soon. 🙂 IMO, they’re going to be so, so much better than any online tutorial! Not that I hate those, though; there have been countless times where I practically live for free online tutorials of any sort LOL.

Oh-kay. Why am I always off-topic? Oh yes, work! (The first two ones, I edited ’cause I’m feeling so insecure right now haha)

 Work table. May I inform you that this is neat in my own standards, but messy and cluttered for our school’s standards. I mean, I was never the clean-desk type. Were you? 😀

Ahhh, my favorite mode: macro. 😀 (Beginner na beginner LOL)

Graduation cup they gave us in Guangzhou. *sniff sniff*

I asked my Chinese class, who was actually reviewing for a test at that time, to pose as the diligent students they were for me. This way, I got a couple of LOLs to brighten my day. 😀

Not so convincing…

Much better 🙂

Why so shy?

Seriously, I’m so blessed to have a class this behaved, pretty much every day. It’s a rare blessing that only teachers can understand. 🙂 See? Blessing every day!


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