Of Learning and Experimenting

Having an SLR, especially for a newbie like me, takes a lot of time for learning. There’s a lot to learn about – aperture, ISO, exposure, shutter speed and chuchu. But hey, nothing to complain about! The fact that there are these things means that I finally get to play around with my dream camera. :p

Anyway, here are some of the experimental shots I took during the learning process, which is still ongoing right now! Disclaimer: do not take these shots as examples of what the D3200 can do! Absolutely not! 😀

Hmmm, a little dark. Maybe some more ISO? I don’t know. Please do enlighten me! 🙂

 I am so proud of my mom and how totally awesome her dishes are. Sure, the baby back ribs looks a little charred :p but they are the bomb. I swear. Just give us a heads-up before you visit, and I’ll make sure you get to taste the awesomeness!

 Again, it’s not claiming to be artistic or whatever. I just find my brother the perfect subject for test shots, just because he’s so willing. 😀 Who’s your favorite test shot subject?

It’s so rare to get him smiling like this! Just because when he sees a camera pointed at him, he gets all serious-faced.

His favorite shirt

 I turned on all the bedroom lights for this. Haha!

Our Treble piano getting taken apart, repaired and tuned, as it’s been in neglect for quite some time. Did I mention that not only is piano repair costly, it can also take quite a few sessions! It’s kinda unnerving when you practice (yes, I’ve taken up piano again!) and the tune seems different every time. 😐


Gah. I wonder when I will be the cool one who posts one or two photos max for each entry, with so little words to say, instead of gabbing along like this? LOL


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