Old and New

I was doing spring cleaning a few days after all my stuff from China arrived, and I found this old green e.base (brand in China) dress. It immediately brought back a flood of memories, as it was the very first fashion thing I bought for myself in China. Up until now, I can vividly remember our seniors taking us 6 girls into Beijing Lu (pedestrian street with stores in Guangzhou) for the very first time, and us getting awed at everything. It happened to be sale season, so I got giddy and bought this.

Mainly, it reminded me of how much I’ve changed, we’ve changed, everybody’s changed. Change is fast, and inevitable.

But anyway! Out with the old…

…and in with a whole lotta new. My mom’s complaining, and I haven’t even visited the newly-opened Cotton On store at Manila yet. :p

 I like how my desk (which I hardly use :p ) looks now. A lot of what has always been there, spiced up with things and mementos from Guangzhou. Makes me miss GZ at times, but it’s not that bad anymore. 🙂


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