Freestyle Wednesdays

I. finally. did. it!! Crossed one item off my bucket list today:

magpaka-feeling (be such a feeler), take pictures of yourself and your outfit, and post it.

My gaaad. This is such a big deal for me, because I’ve never been confident with my face, body and just about everything else to do this. I mean, looking at other people’s blogs is inspiring for me, and it helps that the people there are so perfect and all. But me? Never! (A random movie character saying that exact same sentence popped up in my head, but I can’t remember who!)

So just bear with me and my thick face, please. 😀

Even mirror shots are a first for me. I don’t really have the habit of taking pictures or having much pictures of myself. 😐

Forever 21 earrings

Since this was my first time, it was also my dad’s first time to be my alalay photographer! (How do you translate alalay anyway?) Dad’s had photography experience, but with older cameras, so he’s learning together with me as well. 🙂 The D3200 is an easy-to-use SLR indeed, but more learning is definitely needed!

Mango gold blouse
from China mullet skirt

Aldo heels

Dirty pa ang shoes, that’s how rushed and amateur we were! LOL

What do you think? 🙂

Actually, I get why a lot of people would get into fashion blogging. Some have made their career out of it, and rightfully so; they have the bodies, talent and resources for it. Some do it for the clothes; admittedly, a part of me wants to see how the clothes I wear actually look in other angles too. However, I think the main push that allowed me to finally do this for myself goes back to the original purpose of the blog: to daily remind myself about God’s blessings, and that I may have permanent, visual reminders of them – just like how a diary or journal would work.

Blah blah blah. With that in mind, please don’t bash my feeling-ness and amateurness! LOL :p


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