The photos are soooo back.

(Insert: now if only I could say the same about “Colour of the Week”. Le sigh.)


The good news is that: my baby is here, the baby I’ve dreamed of for so long and mentioned in too many posts, I can’t even link them right now; the baby I sacrificed about more than 3 months’s salary for. But man, does it feel good to have the very thing you worked for in your hands right now! CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT THROUGH YOUR SCREEN?

If not, FEEL IT. Haha demanding!

Presenting: Dann’s Nikon D3200.

From my Instagram (@dannahtan)

I’m considering giving it a name, just for convenience, you know? It’s gonna be tiring typing “the cam” or “my cam” or “the D3200” all over again in future posts, eh? Recently I’ve taken dibs on the name Kaia, it just sounds right. 🙂

I wanted my first shot (the iconic first shot) to be more, well, artistic and chuva (gay speak for whatever). However, my mom insisted on taking a test shot right inside the Hidalgo store where we bought the camera; well, since she was the one who wrote the cheque, I had to obey. :p Here are those first two:

In hindsight, I don’t mind at all. I think this might be the best one as well, because this guy (the owner) was super kind to us, even if he didn’t know us at all. Yup, we just went it and brought the camera at a discount, all in the name of one of our mutual friends, who happens to be a skilled photographer as well. Just by mentioning that person’s name, we were able to gain this guy’s full trust to give us everything at the best price. Man, that’s why you need a reputation. LOL

Anyway, most importantly, thank you, Uncle Philip, for your hospitality! His store’s called Watson Photo Center, located at Hidalgo Street – that’s all I can tell you. We just followed Dad through streets and corners until we got to the store. :p

Thank you, Ahia Ato, for your wholeheartedness in helping me out with this whole buying-a-camera matter. You’ve always been one of my idols, and the fact that you took time out to help me through this process makes me feel very honored. 🙂 Looking forward to a learning session with you!

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for paying for everything. NOT, cause I already had 80% of the money. Ahaha! 😀 I meant the extras and stuff; and of course, for walking with me through the looong streets, turns and corners. It was exhausting, but you did it for me.

Most importantly, thank you, Lord, for making this possible. If you told me that I could have my dream camera in 3 months, I wouldn’t have believed you – but I did! It’s all by Your grace. ❤ Thank You for loving me this much!


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