How Life Is Going

Please, please bear with the crappy quality of photos for the last time. By God’s grace, I will be purchasing my much-saved-up-for DSLR next weekend, so hopefully it’s all smooth sailing from there! (Isn’t it amazing how much more satisfaction you get from a purchase you saved up for, rather than just asking it from, say, your parents?) It’s so exciting to learn new things, and photography has always been something I wanted to learn seriously ever since I started reading other people’s blogs and blogging myself.

Yadda yadda yadda.

I told you I love paper bags. 😀

The recent Teachers’ Day celebration in the Philippines aside (where I got a ton of chocolates from my sabotaging high school students, LOL), this was the earliest gift I got from one of the school parents here. I mean, this is quite a tricky topic. People often think that teachers want to be given gifts, which is partly true – I mean, who doesn’t like a gift? However, enjoying a gift doesn’t mean that you’re a greedy, gift-hungry person either. Sometimes, it’s so much simpler (and truer) to think that once in a while, teachers get happiness from the fact that they get appreciated. 🙂

The Face Shop’s nail polish remover – still the best budget-friendly, effective one I know. It still has acetone, though – and it doesn’t compare to my one-bottle-only experience with Barielle, which is acetone-free and smells so naturally good.

Yes, I went SHOPPING! (Cue the White Chicks accent) As a teacher back in my hometown, trips to the malls and big stores are, well, rarer than usual. So whenever we’re in Manila, the sales are fully taken advantage of!!

I know Forever 21 is cheap in the US, but this top translates to $4 (or around 20RMB)! Crazy! I lit-er-ally felt like my old self as I glided around the store 😀

Don’t buy. No more questions.

Did buy 😀

If you absolutely have to know another random fact about me (quite unlikely), it’s that I’m Ms. Losing the Umbrella. I. am. an. expert. at. losing. umbrellas. During my 3 years in Manila university, I must have lost around 5 umbrellas. Countless more in China, including someone else’s. 😮 Hopefully, this sleek black one will last me longer! It did cost me a little, after all. 😀

P.S. Why do I get the feeling this should have been “Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic”? Oh well.

P.P.S. Seriously, I’m so excited for the D3200. I’m even thinking about giving it a name! What do you think? 😀


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