Colour of the Week

COLOUR: China Glaze – Inner Beauty (616)

Okay, not exactly this week! This is actually my last nail polish post shot in Guangzhou 😐 sniff sniff. Meaning, this was also the colour on my nails when we left for Hong Kong-the Philippines.

As the name suggests, Inner Beauty is a beautiful nude shade – not brown, not pink, just a perfect translucent nude with a hint of pink to keep it from looking too dead. In my opinion, the name Inner Beauty is an excellent selection – the polish makes your nails look glowing and gorgeous, but almost doesn’t scream nail polish. It’s the ubiquitous “clean look” personified. My words (and this-time-poorly-lighted-pictures) just don’t do it justice!

China Glaze – Inner Beauty

China Glaze – Inner Beauty

In natural light

As I said, my lighting was pretty off because this was actually shot indoors. But I think this captures it quite well – not as opaque and white-y as my Sparitual lacquers, with just a hint of pink to make it look like it’s your natural, pretty nails. The photos actually show three coats, and it’s still a bit sheer.

In natural light

In natural light

The formula was a bit watery compared to the usual China Glaze formulas (think Essie-like), but easy to work with nevertheless. The three coats didn’t feel as heavy or thick as well. 🙂

If ever there are any people out there following the nail polish posts, maybe one more month or so before I can really update. 😀 I actually have China Glaze’s For Audrey right now on nails, fully taking advantage of the long weekend/vacation! Ahh, the life of a teacher. Gone are the days of “new week, new colour.” 😦


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