Back Home

Do you ever have that feeling? That strange feeling when you get used to living in a once-foreign environment for quite a time, then you come back to everything that was familiar – and are not right now.

That’s exactly how I felt when I came back home after finishing 4 years of study in Guangzhou, and realized, as I plopped my bags and sat in my room, that there’s no going back. In the immediate future, at least.

Le sigh. I’m turning into drama queen again, but maybe it’s just so that you, or others, may be aware of how much adjusting really goes on in times like this. On to the good part: I finally got pictures out of my Blackberry! Quality isn’t the best (makes me miss my turtle-slow Kodak so, may you RIP) but something’s better than nothing, right? Here’s a few snaps because there’s actually some other work to do (ergh) and I don’t have the time (yet) for photo-heavy posts as I did before. 😀

Past and present, together: the last can of paté from GZ roommate Karine (tu me manque, partenaire dans le crime), and cookies from the little students here. ❤

Old toner

New cleanser/toner ❤

I’ve blogged about this before, and had serious doubts about purchasing it. But nowadays, Formula 10.0.6’s So Totally Clean cleanser has been proving its worth and value for every single penny spent, and is invaluable. I mean, I’m still not comfortable using this alone as I still use a facial wash beforehand, but this leaves me squeaky clean. It’s like my reassurance or something. I’ve used it for about 4 months now, and I’m only almost halfway through. So totally worth it! LOL

Have you ever sent an international package before? I experienced it firsthand when I had to send all the stuff in GZ that obvs wouldn’t fit in my 20-kilo luggage. Mostly clothes and all of my shoes, it was definitely nerve-wracking just thinking about whether it would arrive or not. And did I pay a pretty penny for it! 😦 So imagine my delight when it did come! (Along with P3,000 or so of taxes, rar!)

Speaking of shoes, Mom let me inherit her pull-out shoe cabinet. Well, it’s not really pull-out, but it’s 9:30pm right now and I’m groggy. Life of a teacher, lol. What a far cry this is from GZ days! Anyway, I am so out of topic again – let’s look at how it works.

Yay! All the shoes arrived safe, albeit a bit squished LOL. This setup, although convenient, can be pretty tricky, though because thinner shoes tend to slip through the little spaces and get squished again if you close the cabinet. But well, as long as there’s a space, right? (Spot my favorite sandals in the whole wide world, Tkees!) 😀

Those were the flat shoes. These are the heels, safe inside another walk-in cabinet. 😀 Funny how, in GZ when everything was crammed into one shoe rack, I felt like I had a lot of shoes LOL. Technically, yes I do! But when it gets laid out like this, funny how you get to thinking: “hmmm, there’s space for more.” 😀


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