Pin of the Day

Goodness. Work can get so crazy, a good 3 days or so passed before I woke up and realized: oh, I have a blog! Which I used to update almost everyday! Which used to be so full of… pictures.

Don’t you worry, I’m at about 1/2 of my camera savings. 😀 (Talagang update haha) I’ve been faithfully snapping away whatever decent can be snapped on my ancient Blackberry as well, so hopefully I can get around to that on the weekend and post some actual original pictures.

With that in mind, you know that Pin of the Day is never gonna be about my original pictures. 😀 Why don’t I distract you from my poor blogging management with food? 😀 Warning: the words bacon, cheese, potato and buttermilk always turn my knees into jelly. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything else below. :p And oh, I’m being helpful me by including the recipe links. Enjoy!

Baked parmesan garlic fries. Told you so. :p And how infuriating is it that it tempts us more by the word “baked” a.k.a. healthy?

Bacon cheese potatoes. A name as simple as that, but ohhh, my mouth is watering just about right now.

Bacon double cheese burger dip. I’d dip anything in this – I bet it’d make the least appetizing stuff amazing. Heck, I want to abuse it and just stir my rice in. Yum.

Pepperoni pizza puffs. I love the alliteration! And isn’t it interesting how the link doesn’t look like a recipe link? I just love how the blog author incorporated the pictures into the story she was telling, instead of making a blog post the traditional recipe way.

Cheesy chicken ranch lasagna. The cheese is enough to make me curious, but the ranch makes me want to actually try it out.

Mashed potato rings with homemade buttermilk ranch. THIS. THIS. THIS!!! They may take a little more effort, but if someone lovely would whip this up for me (’cause I’m too lazy right now :D), I would love you forever! I love onion rings to death, but this? Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!

I have to say, though, this bacon and cheese roll blows everything out of the water. Just two of my favorite food in the world. Just those two. How can you not go crazy?! I love that even though the link only contains the picture, the picture itself is enough to show you how to do it. 🙂 If I have truckloads of money someday, I’ll buy tons of bacon and make this a staple (like bread, duh :p) on my lush breakfast table. 😀


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