Dang, it’s been a long time.

Admittedly, when my one-month social networking hiatus was over, I made my way like mad over to Facebook first. Haha! Let me tell you how it went – the first ten days, I managed to totally forget about it, actually convinced myself I could live without it! The next 20 days, however, were another story. 😉 Good thing there was work! If I were still in Guangzhou now (sniff), living the student life, then that would be so much more unbearable.

Anyway! Unlike what I said in the last post, I don’t have my brand-new camera yet :(. The good ol’ Kodak who I was willing to work with in spite of its slowness finally died on me. 😦 Dad actually sent the whole kit back to the Kodak office, and they called offering to repair it – for P7,000 or something! I was like, are you kidding me?! That’s almost a fourth of what I could use to buy a new, better camera! Anyway.

from overstock.com

Funny story about that Kodak I just remembered – he borrowed it about 2 years ago so that he could take pictures of their trip to some place in China. When he came back, he only had around 10 pictures or so of himself and some scenery. Shocked, I asked him why his photos were so few. He said that the cam was so slow after each picture, his friends soon deserted him and didn’t want to take pictures with him anymore. :))

I have another estimated 2 months or so before I save enough for my dream Nikon, but for the moment, good, (literally) old Blackberry will do. 🙂 Stay tuned!


Anyway, with all the physical and emotional stress lately, we took a trip to Manila, anticipating great shopping deals because it’s the start of the month – which, in the Philippines, basically signals SALE. And boy, were we right!

from everythinginbudget.blogspot.com

Then, I realized – it’s been a long time since I last shopped. It’s easy to forget about your, ehem, primal shopping nature when you work in a school 5-6 days a week, in a place faaar from the temptations of the city. However, as yesterday proved, the shopping spirit is still very much alive and kicking! Turns out I haven’t been tamed at all. :p Imagine, the whooole Megamall! On sale! Dayum.

Did you get anything good in recent sales? 🙂

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