Not that Ordinary a Post

How do I start this? I feel like I’m actually retiring or something. Oh well, here we go.

Personal matters have come up, which, among other things, made one thing glaringly obvious: my relationship with God is not at its best point. It’s not where it should be, even. This is because of a lot of factors, some confidential of course, but one is that things which should not be so-important and so-indispensable in my life, like the Internet and social networking.

While I can’t cut myself off the Internet in general due to its being an invaluable learning source for my teaching career, social networking is one thing that, frankly, I could live without. I don’t want to be separated by it, but I realized that the culture of updating people on your life and checking people’s updates on their lives was supposed to be something fun. And sometimes, things that are fun are also things that are optional. It’s not supposed to be something I feel incomplete without, which is quite the way I’m feeling right now.

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So, I have to tear away my dependence on it and focus more on the One I really can’t live without, God. I have to, in a sense, fast blogging, Facebook and Instagram. (Thankfully it’s just those three, LOL) It’s going to be so, so hard not having “news” of that type, but it’s going to be good for me in the long run – in more ways than one. Unnecessary emotional attachments to certain people will be weakened. My time with God is increased – and hopefully, I won’t be using this time in vain. I pray, and please pray for me too, that this time will actually strengthen my weakened relationship with God – and that I may find Him again, the Him who I loved and still loves me.

Thank you! 🙂 Hopefully, by the time I’m back, I’ll have saved up at least half for my dream camera 😉 and have new hammies to show you. So it’s going to be so exciting!

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