Those Last Goodbyes

Don’t you hate goodbyes? And don’t you hate posts that ramble on about Guangzhou even if I’ve been home for two weeks? LOL no worries, I think this is the last of my backlog from all photos GZ.

This was around July 12 (woah) when my roomies and other Indonesian classmates/dear friends were due to fly back. I didn’t end up a bawling baby (maybe it was because of the 10am call time… geez), but it was nevertheless sad to see them go. As I might have mentioned before, it isn’t easy parting ways with people you’ve been with for four years, who live in a place far from your own.

My adorable girly-girl of a roomie, Nia. I will miss her “innocent” moments, where we take advantage of her innocence to trick her, where she gets pissed off and suddenly turns violent. HAHA. And that sweetie voice!

And oh, see that little doggie? That’s her funniest gift, along with my other roomies, during my last birthday!

Xiaoqi, the girl full of spunk. I only know very few people who are brave enough to stand for what they believe in, and fight for it if necessary. And oh, I won’t be hearing Michelle Phan on play for about the whole day LOL. Now that it’s mentioned, I should watch some Michelle Phan.

Sudden realization while typing this post: YAY! Youtube’s fast and unrestricted again! (Free from China!)

Ertha, one of my favorite classmates. She got voted as the person with the most distinctive laugh, simply because it’s that loud, infectious and distinctive. I’ll miss having her accompany me wherever I want to shop or eat! Rarely do you see people carefree enough that they seem to accommodate you every time you look for them.

And oh, he may not be Indonesian, but Tee (Thai classmate) is one-of-a-kind in himself. He just might be the funniest and craziest monk I know! Yes, he’s the one who always come back to class from vacations with his head freshly shaved – that’s how devout it is. Doesn’t hide his craziness, though. He was the first one who made our gentlest classmate (cough cough Nia from above cough) actually angry! Man, I miss him and his antics right now.

THIS IS GETTING SUPER NOSTALGIC. If I could say something to our juniors and everyone else returning to GZ this month, it’s that you should definitely treasure the time together with your international friends. You’re most probably pretty attached to each other right now, it would make no sense to waste most of that time together with people who you’ll be seeing in your own country anyway! Hang out with more people, bond with your classmates and friends, and get to know more!

A little more extras… gifts from North Korea, courtesy of Jem! If Jem’s reading this, HELLOOO fellow teacher! Haha the paperweight’s in my office table right now, being very useful and all that. 🙂

During my last few days in GZ, I squeezed in as much online shopping as I could. Seriously, Taobao should be China’s next national treasure. Unparalleled! Anyway, I got another nude palette (just couldn’t resist), some makeup here and there, and clothes, as usual. I’ve been reading the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic books recently, and there were times where I felt like I was reading about myself. ANYWAY.


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