Colour of the Week

Colour of the week, not. More like colour of a month ago. LOL.

COLOUR: American Apparel – Neon Green

Who cares, we’ve got a cool lil’ neon for you right here!


Okay, lame. For some reason, I didn’t take pictures of the bottle itself and the nails with it. Trust me on this, however, when I say that this picture is pretty true-to-life!

Yes, I’m not scaring you with another colour. This is AA’s Neon Green, but the first coat only. AA’s neons have the reputation of going on pretty sheer on the first coat, but this shocked me the most. It looked yellow-greenish, which scared me a bit because it was so different from the bottle! But moving on…

Without topcoat, in natural light

American Apparel – Neon Green

 Consistent with the other neons, Neon Green goes on quite matte and dries fairly quick, as is the case with most neons. The first and second coats went on agreeably, but I needed a third coat to satisfy my OC-ness. It did get quite globby by the third coat, however, so caution. However, look at that colour! Now isn’t that more like it!

Under artificial light

No flash photos today. Sadsies.

Anyway, taken into consideration that it’s already semi-matte, but what would look better than if it was fully matte? So I skipped the topcoat (as you can see in the photos above), and whipped out Essie’s Matte about You! Let me tell you, it was pure amore at first sight! Love love love!

Behold, the mattified results!

With Essie’s Matte About You on top

Neon turned matte – close up

Isn’t it gorge? I personally think it looks a million times better smooth and matte, without any shine at all! Striking to the max!

This is why a good matte topcoat is such an investment. It just transforms nail colour into something different!

Sadly, Neon Green and its matte gorgeousness didn’t last so long on me – a chip appeared after two days, in fact. Real disappointing, but I guess that says you can’t fully count on matte topcoat for your nail polish’s longevity. With colour this bright and striking, though, I’d definitely be doing it again! Would you try it? 🙂


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