Adieu, Coconut & Pudding

Who knew there would be such a thing as hamster separation anxiety? I sorely miss these two fatties, who just grow bigger by the day as per Karine’s photo updates for me on Facebook. Gosh! Well, merely fitting that I salvaged some last photos of Coconut & Pudding from the memory card of my dead camera. Yes, my Kodak is dead. 😦


I think this is Pudding…

I was fortunate enough to have the hammies to myself for about two weeks before I left. I discovered that they’re most alive when they’re running around outside – not the best option when unsupervised, but so much fun to watch. 🙂

One of Pudding’s favorite sleeping positions. LOL

Look at her! Such a fattie! Hammies that sit down because of their fatness always drive me crazy.

Now these are not my hammies, but are my friend Jenna’s. I just put it here because THE HAMMIE IS SITTING DOWN TOO! S/he’s called Pistache! Adorableeeeee!

 Isn’t she the cuteness? Karine sent me the latter photo, Pudding being her favorite and all LOL. BUT LOOK AT HER! So faaaat! In fairness, she’s pretty consistent with her sleeping positions haha.

Hello sunshine! (Karine’s photo)

One thing I’ve learned from my hammies: when their eyes are bigger and beadier than usual (like this), it means they’re excited and they’re gonna be more active than usual. Excellent time for exercise!

Last picture 😦

Karine’s photo

It has been a sweet 5+ months with you, Coconut & Pudding. You were the best hammies I ever had (so behaved ha, in fairview), but let’s just wait till I buy your future cousins. Haha. Gotta relieve this itch of mine for hamsters somehow! You’ll be having Skype dates soon LOL 🙂 You’re def in good hands with your other momma Karine, as evidence by your increased fatness. Just don’t forget to exercise! Haha 😀

Love, your mommy.


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