Just Some People Eating

Some more leftover pictures from Guangzhou… this is not good for my post-Guangzhou depression. LOL.

Warning: totally random.

The Dragon Festival happened waaay back, I think about a month ago? To celebrate, my roomies got some traditional Chinese packed rice to eat. Although I’m not a fan of those sticky rice stuffs, it’s actually my first time in 4 years that my roommates got to do that! Who knew they really wanted to celebrate this particular festival?

…or they really just wanted to eat. 😀

New visitor!

I miss Nia already. As all of our classmates can tell you, there’s so much more behind that “innocent” face. Ha! She also looks like the type whose photos just get taken, but believe me, she asks for photos. Like this! Hahaha. Adds to her sweet charm 🙂 missyou missyou

This is a totally random inject-in, but the burger that followed the luscious bacon-chicken burger was equally good! This is a mouthwatering double beef patty burger with cheese and mushrooms and onions. *insert salivate face* I want it now, even! Look at how good it is! Why can’t the McDonald’s in the Philippines do limited-edition burgers like China does?! Whyyy.

On second thought, I can’t wait to try the specialty burger stores here in the Philippines, like Brothers’ Burgers. 😀

Hi Ertha and Oppa!

The thing where people take pictures with the same thing LOL. But these were our own bags 🙂 Bread Talk is amazing! This was from another trip to Pepper Lunch, invited out by our Korean friend (don’t ask me how we met him, looong story) – “Oppa”. Anyway, he’s a really nice guy – one among the few nice Koreans out of the many douchebags I’ve met. You gotta love a person who can laugh at himself and make a girl feel good. 🙂


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