Happy to be B Class

Just one note: I sacrificed a precious hour I could have used to do my lessons for Chinese class and all that. But gosh, it’s been too long without blogging! Teaching can be a craaaazy schedule! Anyway, on to my carefully rehearsed lines…

When you’ve been with the same group of people for 4 years – going to class 5 days a week together, eating out together, shopping together, exploring new places together – the memories are too numerous to count. Precious. They are the ones that, no matter how often you think of them and your times with them, never fail to put a smile on your face. I knew missing them was gonna be hard, but yeah, it’s hard!

The road to that last dinner…

Graduation dinner, courtesy of the school

One of our Malaysian classmates who left way early sent a personalized graduation card to each one of us. I was particularly amazed and touched at how she, in spite of her busy businesswoman schedule, was able to write individual cards for each one of us. It really showed that she took the time. 🙂

University-wide graduation ceremony

Wait for the day until you become a college graduate, and you shall finally realize for yourself that it’s not worth the hype! LOL.

 Finally, upon learning that our class president Jerry (girl, haha) was leaving for Indonesia in practically two days, our class put together this rush “last supper”. Incomplete as usual, but this is pretty complete by our standards. :p

 Lazy to edit these orange-y shots haha. It’s the lighting! So yellow-tinged and stuff! Anyway, it was all like this – pictures, food, laughing & reminiscing, and more pictures!

I don’t know if I’ve been to enough restaurants to know this, but this one actually stopped us from taking photos right after these two! Gosh 😐

A toast to 4 years of friendship and fellowship, and the countless years to come. 🙂 After all, it’s not an end, but a new beginning. HAHAHA cliché lines! Of course, you realize this after crying a bucket together! Jerry cried the most, and it was heartbreaking. 😦

The photos below were from Liza’s camera, I think, and edited by our Burmese classmate. LIKE!

I don’t even know how much sense I made in everything I’ve written above. All I know is, looking at these photos and thinking about when we started during the first year made me realize that change is fast and inevitable. Once change comes, we get blindsided by it, and have different ways of adjusting to it. Some, we adjust to faster and grow to love and get used to. But then, life goes on, and so does change. 😦 So this is just another period of change we have to go through as individuals. The good thing is, we don’t have to completely let go of everything we’ve built upon. 🙂


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