Colour of the Week

COLOUR: Orly – Lemonade

Speaking of Colour of the Week, I’m highly in doubt of its future. Now that I’m actually working, and in a school no less, nail polish is basically a no-no. I might be able to get away with a few nude polishes but… you get the point. No more neons and colours and whatnot. 😦 The only hope for a hopeless polish addict like me are weekends (too short) and vacations, which start from 3 days. No way am I keeping a good mani in 3 days just to take it off!! ANYWAY.

This colour is gorgeous. I swear. We also have a back story dating 2 years ago, where the budget-constricted me saw it online and saw it as my perfect, dream pastel yellow colour. It was just a dream back then, but… God is good. 🙂 It’s finally in my hands right now! Muahahahaha.

Orly – Lemonade

And to mention that this dream shade comes in Orly’s 18ml bottle? Sweet. One more thing about Orly, I love their Gripper cap! It’s the best I’ve ever touched – truly the most comfortable and steady grip.

Orly – Lemonade

The formula went on real smooth, so I was expecting it to be another “dream-to-work-with” shade. Pastels are tricky, though, so I usually do three coats. By the third coat, however, it was as if there was already some thickness, not so consistent with its initial consistency. I hope this doesn’t become a problem for the next mani!

Outdoors, in natural light

As you can see, the colour’s pretty true to the bottle – such a lovely shade of pastel yellow that, although I wouldn’t think of lemonade at first recall, is so freshening and screams summer. Because of all of these, I don’t mind that it makes my hands look tanner than usual!

Indoors, artificial light

Indoors, artificial light

Indoors, with flash

The wear, though, was something else – by the second day, it looked like it was on the edge of peeling (probably that third coat), even if I used Orly’s Sunscreen on Nails on top. AND can I tell you that this colour looks much MORE amazing matte than glossy. I turned it matte with Essie’s Matte About You, and they were gorgeous. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! Sadly, it chipped a little by the third day. 😦 It took a few more horrific chips before I wiped out this lovely colour huhu.

Just one thing, though: matte topcoat makes pastels like this gorgeous, but isn’t as forgiving for imperfections in application or the polish surface as glossy topcoat is. Just sayin’. So if your mani’s less than perfect, might not be too good an idea to mattify those nails.

P.S. older photos, as seen by our dormitory background. GAAAH I miss our dorm!

P.P.S. camera broke down on me a day before I left Guangzhou, so with everything amazing that has happened this past few days, I haven’t had A SINGLE PICTURE! *angry face*


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