Memories in a Shirt

I’m actually blogging after work! How amazing and new is that? I just finished my second day of Chinese class, then I’ll be taking on English classes on top of that starting tomorrow. It’s a lot of pressure, but the only way to do it is to go in head first – with a positive attitude. That, and the fact that I really need the money. LOL.

Anyway! The story behind these pictures was that I wanted to finally put our graduation shirt (made especially for our batch and made especially for graduation night where tears and written messages are expected), filled with tears and messages by marker pen, in the laundry. But, I was scared that those sweet messages would get washed away, so I decided to take pictures of all of them first. Haha! Call me crazy, but that’s it. How would you want greetings from people who’ve mattered to you for years get washed down the drain?

Gosh, I miss them. And Guangzhou.

Anyway, here we go!

Shirt, front part

Shirt, back part

Longest message evah. From my supah dupah roomie Xiaoqi!

I’m guessing you probably didn’t understand any of that. HAHA. Oh well, this is gonna be helpful if I lose the shirt one day/it all gets washed off.

Some things random:

1) It’s the hardest thing waiting for a package to arrive, especially if it contains everything you love! I’m anxiously waiting for my package to arrive from China, and it’s not a good feeling. 😦

2) How cool is it that we don’t have to use Freegate (proxy server) anymore? Welcome back to the land of free Internet surfing! WordPress and everything else that used to be slow is blindingly fast now, and I’m not complaining. 😀


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