A Häagen-Dazs Date

Say whatever you want to say about Häagen-Dazs, but good ice cream is good ice cream. I can say that, based on my blissful encounters with HD, that it’s an ice cream worthy of the price tag – although taking it slow might be a good idea. 🙂 Here I am again being the unofficial endorser! Haha!

Anyway, my friend Janne (Chrystyl?) and I fondly call each other Date – something we’ve had since our first few days in Guangzhou four years ago. (sob) The weird thing is, in those four years, we haven’t had a real date, just the two of us. So wrong, right? So we had to right that wrong!

And I say, what better place to go to than Häagen-Dazs? Weird thing is, I’ve never been to the stores in the Philippines. But whatever, off topic again!!

Aside from their regular menu of ice cream and ice cream specials, they have periods of special themes from time to time – like when we visited, it was all about berries. Yum.

My beautiful date ❤

Isn’t she lovelyyy? She loves taking photos as well, so naturally I have shots of me here too LOL. Point aside, I really think she should start blogging! She has a lot of photos from different places, and she’s really good with hair. Perfect material for a blog, methinks!

*photos without watermarks are hers

Obviously, we had a two-way table LOL

Seeing this photo reminded me how much I loved my nail colour at that time. I posted about it here.

Off to the food! Their menu’s pretty clear and the ice cream flavors abundant, but part of me expected a little bit more. Oh well.

Date had this strawberry + macaroons confection whose name I completely forgot, dangit dangit. It looked good, though!

I didn’t try the macaroons, but I had a teeny bite of the strawberry ice cream tablets. One word for it: sweeeet. A tad too sweet for my taste, but I can see how sweet tooths would love this.

As Date so aptly captioned, “where’s my food?” I ordered a simple two-scoop sundae and yet it took longer to come. 😦

And it finally arrived! One scoop of Belgian Chocolate, one scoop of Cappuccino, with chocolate shavings, sliced almonds and chocolate syrup. On hindsight, too much chocolate, LOL. The Belgian chocolate was excellent, definitely remaining my favorite flavor to date. But the Cappuccino? Dang, was it sweet or what? The coffee flavor was pretty spot-on, but the over-sweetness kinda kills it for me. 😦 I actually had a hard time finishing that tiny cup of ice cream because of that.

Each scoop costs roughly around 25RMB, I think? That’s around 175 pesos, which is kinda horrifying! That’s why HD isn’t for everyday use. 😐

50 shades of Date

Pictures, chitchat, eating – what can get better than this? Sounds like the life of unemployed fresh graduates waiting to get in the lion’s den of teaching. Haha! But seriously, I love times like this when you get quality time with a person who makes you genuinely happy. 🙂 Thank you, Date!


A completely unrelated picture, but Date and I wandered into Bershka after eating, among other stores. Can I tell you, among the fast fashion chains we have, Bershka has one of the best shoe selections around. Trying pretty shoes on just makes you fall in love with them even more! Why so expensive, Bershka? Whyyyyy.


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