Taikoo Hui Part Deux – Pepper Lunch

Taikoo Hui’s becoming more and more of a hangout destination for the GZ people – not much shopping for a portion, I guess. LOL. Louis Vuitton is gonna be in my range in well, about 10 years or so. Haha!

Anyway, my Malaysian friend and former roomie Hong Yao took me out on a date – and there had to be good food in it!

Tank – Delias; shorts – Aeropostale; bag – ASOS; flats – forgot. LOL

I love clothes and all, but I seriously don’t see the point in dressing up all frilly and piling on the accessories for shopping or eating trips. It’s kinda OA, but well. Comfort first for this one!

Headband – Forever 21; necklace – Topshop

I found a great store online for accessories lately, and I’m so in love! This necklace is my new favorite – makes any plain top look a whole new thing of different!

Of course, this is my beautiful date – Hong Yao. She has a wicked sense of humor, but is also very people-oriented and work-efficient.

Curry chicken rice with chicken & mushrooms – Pepper Rice

We were madly hungry, and since shopping is such great exercise, we decided to grab lunch first at Pepper Lunch. Fast, okay-price point, and (MSG-level) yummy! Hong Yao had the classic curry chicken rice:

…while I had their classic beef pepper rice. They have this option of adding 3 RMB (around 20 pesos) for upsize – perfect for hungry people like me! Haha!

Classic beef pepper rice – Pepper Lunch

If you’re not familiar with Pepper Lunch, all their meals are served in this hot plate, and you have to cook the pre-cooked stuff yourself. For example, the beef pepper rice has rice with margarine inside on the center, and the beef on the side. You mix and cook and whatnot, then – voila!

Can you guess how hungry we were? 😀

When we got out to Taikoo Hui and Grandview Mall (the nearby mall), we realized that it was end-of-season sales everywhere. Crazy! I know about people who search certain websites to see the sale schedules, but it’s a completely different thing when you, err, stumble upon them. Needless to say, shopping mode was on. 😀

Ring – Topshop

I almost forgot about this. I’m crazy about connector rings lately – they don’t fall off quite as easily (a problem with thinner fingers), and they come in a lot of cool designs like this one! It is gorgeous, but let me tell you – it hurts as well. Haha! Hurts me and others. Talk about dangerous fashion.


The one word (three in Chinese, LOL) that drives us girls crazy: SALE! Nothing spells girlfriend-date better than good food and good shopping, yes? 🙂

Any others out there who have also taken advantage of the end-of-season sales? 🙂


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