Colour of the Week

Colour: OPI – William Tell Me About OPI

Ok, so this must be part of an old collection or something, because I don’t get the name at all. Seriously, cliché much? Anyway, I think that’s one of OPI’s traits, so… back to the colour.

By the way, finally said goodbye to the (very) old TFS base coat 😦

OPI – William Tell Me About OPI

Anyway, William Tell (for short, okayyy) is described as a burgundy creme, part of OPI’s previous Swiss Collection. Burgundy is good, but the better word I could think of was blackcurrant. It may look black from afar, deep red from some, but it’s actually deep blackcurrant, true to the colour above.

I think my roommate will find this familiar. Haha!

Outdoors, in natural light

It’s my first time with OPI (yayyy), so I didn’t have a clue on if it was as good as the hype was or worse. I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂 The formula was sooo easy to work with – glided on nails like a dream, consistency wasn’t globby nor too thin, and was perfectly fool-proof. It’s the kind of formula I want all my polishes to have. 🙂

Outdoors, in natural light

The colour itself is pretty true to the bottle, which I always appreciate. It does look dark from certain angles, though, which makes it lose the blackcurrant colour. For this reason, I didn’t turn it matte (my newest obsession harhar) because matte topcoat makes dark colours even darker.

It’s not as shiny as seen in the photos – that’s me being stupid and forgetting to take pictures before I put on the topcoat. Oh well.

Indoors, artificial light

Wear was pretty good as well – 4 days before the first chip showed up. It’s the kind of colour that stains your nails and skin pretty easily, though, so be careful during removal.

Indoors, with flash

What do you think? Is it a colour you would wear? If teaching (future career is nearer than I thought, oh noooo) wasn’t such a barrier, this would be on my daily rotation of colours. Such a pretty, skin-flattering shade without being your old shade of black or dark red. 🙂


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