This day marks the first day of my last week in Guangzhou. Does that even make sense? Haha.

Anyway, I think it’s fairly normal for any person who’s lived in one place, been around certain people, and gotten accustomed to several stuff for a considerable amount of time to miss that place. Guangzhou is that place for me, and although I’m truly excited to get home to the Philippines and everything else I love there, there’s still an inevitable amount of nostalgia that comes with the territory. So in this last week, you could say that I’ve been going down memory lane, not only in my thoughts, but in pictures and all!

This box is actually a shoebox, wrapped with glittery green wrapping paper left over from my first Christmas here at GZ. It’s the first DIY project I did all by myself (yeah not too hard I know, but well) without any assistance or something. What’s more, a lot of stuff from my first year to the last, from clothing tags to coffee, has been there. So disposing of this, among maaaany other things, was a little hard for me. That’s what you get when you get so attached to things… haha.

Of course, what gives you the “miss this miss that” blues more than people? The countless people I’ve met during my four years in GZ will always be a part of my life. Friends, classmates, roommates – they’ve been moving out or going back to their own countries one by one these days, and it’s never easy sending them off. Our class just had a little dinner together, and our class president started crying like crazy, and next thing you know everyone was crying. But once you get it all out, it makes things a bit easier, I think. 🙂 The only comfort is in the fact that they’ll be in a good place just as you are, and that you’ve had soooo many good times and memories together, it seems silly to cry about that. Haha!

Ok, I admit this post is getting a bit quickie… sorting through other photos to post soon!


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