Essie – Matte About You

One of the non-colors in my recent haul… can you blame me for loving the name? So cute! 🙂

Essie – Matte About You matte topcoat

Simply put, Matte About You is one of the best matte topcoats around, created by Essie. Its consistency feels like a normal topcoat, neither thick nor runny. For this reason, it’s a really easy topcoat to work with.

I bought this topcoat on discovering how pretty and elegant matte nail polish can be. In my opinion, purchasing matte nail polish is quite a waste of money, because aside from the possibility of creating duplicates within your collection, they can be pretty hard to work with. Matte About You makes this a literal 1-minute transformation, which is pretty fun to watch! 🙂 It’s like my nail polish collection has doubled after having this.

By the way, the colour you see above was my favorite manicure so far, China Glaze’s For Audrey. Such a beautiful colour! Anyway, it’s glossy in itself, and I added topcoat when I first did it, and I decided to turn it matte on the third day. I wasn’t so sure if this was the type of colour that looks best if matte (pastel and bright colours look best), but I think it didn’t turn out so bad. 🙂

Like I said, it was practically the perfect consistency of a topcoat, so application was practically flawless as well. It’s amazing to see your mani change from glossy to matte in seconds, and dry to the touch in a minute. After 5 minutes or so, it’s gonna be safe to move around with your nails as though there was nothing on your nails – exceptional drying time. Of course, matte feels good so I couldn’t stop touching my nails haha.

Definite must-add to the collection for nail polish lovers like me – trust me, it can make you fall in love with your mani the second time around. Haha! And yes, the exceptional wear – my For Audrey manicure lasted five days without a single chip, so I dread to think how long it would have lasted if I wasn’t so antsy to try a new colour. So this definitely extends the staying power of your nail polish, too. 🙂 Must-have! I can’t emphasize it enough!


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