Colour of the Week

COLOUR: China Glaze – For Audrey

Can I tell you how excited I was for this iconic shade? So excited that, out of the 7 bottles of nail colour that were part of my biggest (and last 😦 ) nail polish shipment, I was 100% sure that I wanted to try out this one first. It’s so iconic – it was created by China Glaze in homage to Audrey Hepburn and her Tiffany image, so accordingly the shade is the classic Tiffany & Co. blue. Can there be any more classic a colour? Sighhhh. ❤ Anyway, less about ranting, more about photos!

China Glaze – For Audrey

This is only my second time with China Glaze, and for some reason the first time terribly disappointed me. I didn’t lose hope on this one, though, mainly because I was head over heels in love with the gorgeous colour and wanted it to work.

Outdoors, natural light

And boy, did it work. Application was a dream – the brush worked great, took just the right amount of polish if handled well, and went smoothly on my nails without any fuss. The formula was flowy but neither watery nor goopy – such a dream. It gives good colour at one coat, and it’s fully opaque in two coats. How can you not love it? I’m in love with China Glaze again, and I think I understand the hype behind it.

Indoors, natural light

By the way, do you notice a slight change in background? I did this manicure and took these shots at the Royal International Hotel while I was in Shenzhen to visit my dad. It’s kinda refreshing to photograph somewhere different other than our dormitory!

Indoors, artificial light

Indoors, artificial light

Indoors, artificial light

These were taken under the hotel room’s lights, which although yellowish, actually shows a nuance of the colour that’s not so obvious in the natural light photos. Just think of it as a robin’s egg blue, but not the common type – it’s Tiffany blue, really.

Indoors, with flash

Indoors, with flash

Indoors, with flash

And oh, about the wear, you ask? That’s one that will extend into the next post – because I used topcoat with this, but was too excited to try my new bottle of – wait for it – Essie Matte about You, aka their matte topcoat. All I can say for now is, my For Audrey mani lasted for 5 freakin’ days without a single chip. It was actually the first manicure that stayed chip-free for that long, and I had to remove (not 100% willingly, though) just because I wanted to try out the other colours I got. AMAAAAZING WEAR. Details in the next post!


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