Shenzhen 2012 – Xingzhi Elementary School 行智小学 + Coastal City

While we didn’t go on the “classic” Shenzhen tourist spots like the Windows of the World due to the fact that this was a teaching conference being attended, it didn’t mean that it was any less interesting. Teaching conferences mean lots of school visits, so a visit to one of Shenzhen’s top elementary schools, 行智小学 (not really sure of the full name) was in order. Photos!

Shenzhen skyline

Shenzhen’s becoming more and more of a booming modern city by the day. No wonder more people come to visit!

Classroom design – I love

The thing about the school is, aside from its program which seems to produce amazing students, is the design. Although most of the good design was confined only to the first floor, there were still a lot of ideas I could learn from.

One special trait echoed through the school’s design was the use of recycled materials – paper, plastic and stuff transformed into good-looking design, like this one. It’s newspapers, but you could barely feel the collage at all!

This was one of the cutest things I’d ever seen. Apparently, the students dance to certain songs on a regular basis, and in the case of visits from special people, they all go out and dance for us! So cute! Especially when the children get all excited upon hearing their favorite songs. 🙂

I’m not joking when I say these kids are talented. According to the teacher, whoever has interest for music is free to join the club, and together they organically (meaning naturally) compose their music together. When we got there, they performed a variety of medleys for us, including 相声, a traditional Chinese performance which I can’t translate right now. Amaaazing. I think it’s the free will and support given to the kids that makes them excellent.

Another talented bunch, the sipa group. (What’s sipa in English? I forgooot.) It’s so cool how they play, each team three members, like volleyball, but just using their feet!

Minivan serving as storage. Cute!

Named after the famous French sculptor, their Rodin utility room is actually a hodgepodge gallery of the students’ different works. I always love it when a school gives emphasis on letting students follow their dreams and displaying it prominently as means of support.

See the kid explaining her work? She just went on and on, I actually tuned out! LOL. However, it’s so nice to see them so passionate and knowledgeable about their art at such a young age. If every child gets a chance to cultivate his/her interests like this, the world would be a better place.

Blurrr. Their English room.

I’m a fan of the door!

That ended our school trip! After that, the organizers took us shopping (too bad they forgot to give us the money, haha) to one of Shenzhen’s widest shopping centers, Coastal City.

I think it has another name other than Coastal City, but point is, it’s made up of two huge buildings like this with a big center square between them. Needless to say, you’d definitely have lots of shopping opportunities here!

With Papa inside one of the buildings

I have to say, the interiors are very well designed – a little more and it’s 100% tacky-free na. Haha! The buildings also have the corresponding divides, with one building and certain floors for the big brands and luxury brands, and the rest for the homemade brands. I like how this makes choosing a shopping place easier. :p

We did have fun checking out (mostly expensive) stuff. I even went to one of my favorites, Uniqlo, and almost had a mini spree there. Frowning dad rained on my parade, though, and limited me to one item. Haha!

Speaking of dad, here we are again – spot the daddy posing as innocent tourist! Reminds me of our other jologs days hahahaha.

Elevators are not spared…

Armani display…


LOL. That’s about it! Before I leave, some pictures from our farewell lunch with the other Southeast Asian educators, many of which have become Dad’s good friends.

It’s really such a small world. This is my Cambodian classmate’s little sister! They don’t really look alike, but their voices are exactly the same. I love it when I see similarities like that among siblings.

The woman on my left, now, is the older sister of one of my Laotian juniors. Smaaaall world.

Dad and his new Burmese “brother”. What I always love about Dad is his ability to get along with people of any age, any background.

I think for this one, the Malaysians started singing their famous song Rasa Sayang, and everyone just joined in on the fun. Even if my age is waaay different from theirs and they have their own brand of fun, it’s still a lot of fun just watching them. 🙂 Sometimes, even if we can’t relate a lot with people older than us, at least we can learn a lot from them. It’s us who have to do the learning. 🙂

That’s a wrap for Shenzhen! Woohoo!


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