How Life Is Going

Slow but steady wins the race! Working on my backlog of posts now. 🙂 For now, more shots of life’s daily blessings!

We just ended our university graduation ceremony today – and contrary to what most people think of it, university-wide grad ceremonies are boring. I remember my dad sleeping through my DLSU graduation ceremony – go figure. Anyway, smaller functions such as a night of fun and memories of our course are better and feel more intimate. Thanks for the flowers, everyone! You know who you are!

My messy table. In my mind, I’m such an organized girl. I don’t know why it never translates to real life. LOL!

Japanese fashion magazines are so packed with content and make me dizzy sometimes, and their styling has a distinct flavor that’s different from what you see in Vogue and those other European magazines. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I did find a few good looks that served as a little fashion inspiration. 🙂 Now, how about those bodies? Haha!

The bacon cheese and chicken burger was out 😦 at McDonald’s when I came for it again. But hey, this new double-patty beef burger with cheese, mushrooms and onions ain’t that bad either! 🙂

Fellow foreigners, consider yourselves warned: Starbucks in China is a completely different experience. Like for me, it’s completely different from the jazzy, quiet, relaxing atmosphere of Starbucks stores in the Philippines. The Chinese love crowding the stores for the sake of being seen having Starbucks, and the noise is borderline unbearable. I mean, you have people sleeping, chatting on QQ (which makes a loud beeping noise), studying for the whole day, even bringing electrical extensions with them! Insaaane. And the prices are slightly higher than the Philippines, which makes my visits quite rare. But in terms of taste, it’s all good. 🙂 So in short, if I’m in China and I want to chill, Starbucks is not the place to go.

Watching the Euro Cup as a girl, although with a friend, can get boring at times. So Karine decided to give my big plushie dog some underwear, because he’s just flashing everyone in the room by wearing just a top. Haha! And the underwear’s so sosyal ha, Victoria’s Secret! LOOOOOL.

My biggest (and last 😦 ) shipment of nail polish – including my first times with OPI and Orly 🙂 Will be blogging about them very soon! The blue bottle in the center is the very first one I tried out of all of them, and while I’ll reserve everything for the next post, let’s just say that my second time with China Glaze was waaaay better than the first one. Details soon!


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