Hammie Time

Time goes by too fast. It’s already the end of June by tomorrow, which means I have only half a month left here in Guangzhou.  Tomorrow’s also our graduation ceremony, which although granted, is boring, just helps in reminding me that it’s all over – the fantasy student life is over, and that there’ll be so much to say goodbye to in Guangzhou. 😦

Sad, really. But ANG DRAMA NAMAN! It’s not good to dwell on sad stuff like that for too long – I find that it weighs down the heart and makes you blind to everything good around you. Like cute hamsters! Okay, that may be off a little, but there certainly is joy in hamsters. Although I take photos every time, there’s a lot of those moments which you can’t capture with photos alone – and those make you smile. 🙂 More of  Coconut and Pudding!

Two round balls!

How can you not love them? In Tagalog, we have a word called gigil – I have no idea on how to translate it, but it can be described as this giggly feeling when you see something cute, and you just wanna reach out and grab it and stuff. GIGIL!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I do remember mentioning that we once gave them a cheap plastic doll… and here’s more evidence.

Whatcha looking at?

Apologies for the quality of these photos, they were all from my Blackberry, and taken mostly during nighttime. Anyway, hamsters sitting down are the death of me. Too cute!

Lucky charm LOL

That’s Coconut running away from Karine who, in our fit of boredom, fitted a random bracelet on her. She was too big for it (oh fattie), but it’s safe to say that Pudding just went in and out of it.

Enjoying their favorite snack, sunflower seeds. Now, presenting – hammie sleeping positions!

Not the safest position LOL


By the way, with interesting poses like this, it’s most likely Pudding. Coconut’s the typical sleeping hammie, but not Pudding. Haha!

How do you describe this?

HAHAHAHA. See what I mean? She’s literally on top of poor Coconut and sleeping like this. Look. at. that. foooot!

Let’s give Coconut one picture. Haha! This is what roundness looks like when it’s asleep! 😀

I don’t know why I’m so lazy lately, lazy in fact to edit these pictures which aren’t even a bunch. This is considering the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do – hmmm, why is this? On the other hand, there’s also enormous backlog from all the unposted areas, dates and happenings I’ve had in the past few days, it’s a bit overwhelming. Ohh, how to survive the upcoming last two weeks in GZ? My emotions are in such a bunch right now.


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