Colour of the Week

Last week, if we’re to be strict.

COLOUR: OPI (unnamed) and Bourjois – Violet Couture

This was done in under an hour (including topcoat – that’s how awesome Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri is) while watching Portugal play against a team that I forgot in the Euro Cup. It’s exactly the Euro Cup that’s the reason for the increasing darkness in our eyebags, but that’s another story…

I was planning to finally use the unnamed OPI colour which my junior Janine gave to me for Christmas. I super loved the thought behind it, but didn’t get to use it until now! Once I plopped it on Karine’s table (my occasional Euro Cup partner), she just so happened to bring out one of her Bourjois So Laque polishes, Violet Couture – which actually looks pink in the bottle. So ding! went a lightbulb above my head – why not do the two of them together? I’m not one up for too bold a nail look so I just did the two colors similar to how I did it here.

Sooo hard to clutch two bottles for a pose. HAHA

OPI – unnamed colour

The OPI shade’s the hot pink you see on the index and ring fingers. It actually has a matte finish, not like the top-coated one here.

Bourjois So Laque – Violet Couture

On the thumb, middle finger and pinky is Bourjois’s Violet Couture. I don’t own a single bottle of the So Laque polishes, but I’ve tried a couple courtesy of Karine, and they always have exceptional quality and shine. It looks pink but actually leans purple in real life.

Outdoors, in natural light

Introducing… hamster dry clean powder! Haha!

Indoors, artificial light

Indoors, with flash

How do you like it? It’s actually my first time wearing any shade of pink on the nails, because I always thought it to be overly girly, and that it wouldn’t flatter my skin tone. Well, this was okay, and I would have loved it except for the fact that the fingers painted with the OPI shade totally flaked and chipped within the second day. It’s such a shame because the hot pink actually grew on me! If only it lasted longer 😦  The Bourjois did a good job, though, and stayed chip-free for three days until I finally took the whole thing off because I couldn’t stand having two bare fingers on each hand LOL. That’s obsessive compulsiveness for you!

P.S. New signature! How do you like it and my new layout? 😀


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