Shenzhen 2012 – Royal International Hotel

China is enormous – so big, that in my personal opinion, two nearby cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen could take so much travel time in between them. Or that’s just me? I mean, look at the map. Can you tell that you need two hours to go from one place to another?! Oh well, that’s just the travel-hating me indeed.

ANYWAY! I was in Shenzhen for 3 days, just in time that they are the last 3 days my dad would be in Shenzhen. He, along with 2 other Filipinos and a number of teachers from other Southeast Asian countries, are in Shenzhen for comprehensive training that took almost a month. Aside from the training being actually helpful and awesome (per my dad), it helps that they stay in a pretty nice place! 🙂 What I can say about the Royal International Hotel in Shenzhen is, while the accommodation, food and service is good but not the best, it’s not a bad place to stay in when you drop by Shenzhen. 🙂

It may sound weird, but I love hotels. Although only half of those I’ve been to in my entire lifetime have impressed me, what I always love about hotels is the fact that someone cleans and takes care of everything for you. Haha! I think it’s that kind of worry-free mindset that always makes me receptive to hotels – especially if it’s a nice one like this!Aaaand with hotels, I obsess over the lavatories. Must. be. clean, polished and shiny! One of my weird likings, I guess. :|’

I love tiny details about this that, in their own little way, encourage people to be more environmentally-friendly and somehow drill it in a little into their consciousness. More often than not, we take for granted this world we live in, without realizing we’re harming it so much… and the consequences are also ours to bear. 😦 ARRRR NAG-SERMON! But yeah, it’s true.

Okay, so I almost forgot to post the picture of the lobby. Haha! See, simple is good! I always fall for simple slash en grande designs like this… although di pa serious design ito haha. This is what we go through every time we go to… BUFFET!!! *bells ringing*

Now, for something I’m going to rave about: BREAKFAST! Actually, people who know me well will testify that I hate breakfast. Not because of the food itself, but my appetite takes a looong time to wake up – specifically, at 10-11am where it’s not yet lunch, but already waaay past breakfast. I know, so annoying LOL. Even here in our dorm in China, I’d buy my favorite breakfast items like corn flakes and milk, but they end up ignored because a) I don’t wake up, or b) I just don’t have the appetite.

BUT ALL THAT CHANGED! WITH THE BREAKFAST BUFFET! I never thought I’d love breakfast out of all the three courses for each day. Fresh cereals with fresh milk! Assorted breads with their own toaster! (Winner if you love butter on toast like me!) Hams and meats! Fresh-cooked omelettes with your ingredients of choice! Yogurts! And oh, BACON!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!


Okay, so the photo’s not mine (biggest regret not being able to take a photo of it!), but it gives you a visual idea of the HEAVEN that was before my eyes that day. I seriously woke up! A whole pan of BACON!! Crispy, golden bacon! ALL OF IT FOR ME! ALL I COULD TAKE! I’m all caps with the excitement – if a whole pan of buffet BACON all up for you doesn’t make you excited, nothing will! You’re too sad. Haha! 😀 It might be quite a while before I have another bacon-gasmic moment like that though. 😐

Needless to say, I had a good breakfast. 🙂

And this, my friends, is my first encounter with authentic mushroom soup. Not that I don’t like the Campbell’s-in-a-can version (still a fan!) but real mushrooms just taste different. I could use all those adjectives the food critics love to use, but… never mind.

Overall, I’d say the hotel’s food, no matter if it’s buffet or ala carte (because we had both), is average. Except the breakfast, nothing really wowed, but it wasn’t terrible either. I can’t say if it was worth the price because we didn’t have to pay. 🙂

All the details for the Royal International Hotel, Shenzhen a.k.a. 御景国际酒店 above! Self-service na lang! 😀


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