Colour of the Week

Colour: Essie –  Bobbing for Baubles

QUESTION: A Colour of the Week post, again?!

ANSWER: 😐 Yes. I’m seriously backlogged, especially with nail colour posts.

Oh by the way, hello from Shenzhen! My dad’s here for a one-month training, which ends tomorrow, so I decided to drop by on the last few days and catch up. And oh boy, did I drop in a 5-star hotel or what?! The everyday buffets are killing me softly, which I shall also post about. Before that, my heavy package containing heavenly bottles of new polish arrived, and it’s just pure joy! I just put on the first colour tonight (hush hush about which one first!), but I shall be working on them slowly and surely.

Now for this Essie colour! Bobbing for Baubles is a deep blue that could be looked at as navy blue, but has more hints of gray in it, so I suppose you call that grayish blue? Whatever. This is a gorgeous colour, one that makes your skin look a tad fairer, and is a more elegant colour that can go on the classroom or on formal balls – so much that I had it on just in time for the Independence Day event I posted about previously! 🙂

The consistency of this one was thicker than what was usual for Essie polishes, but normal as far as nail polish goes. Maybe it’s because of the darker colour – Essie polishes, which excel more in the nudes and light colours department, often have thin consistencies.Having said that, it wasn’t difficult to handle. As it went, Bobbing for Baubles was opaque in one coat, but of course looked better with two. 🙂 I held my OC-ness in and made it a two-coater! Yay!

Outdoors, in natural ilght

The wear was pretty good, too – 4 days before the first chip appeared, and those four days include the action-filled Independence Day event. Not bad at all! 🙂

Indoors, natural light

Indoors, artificial light

Terrible last photo – oh well. The good thing to think about it, about 3 or 4 years ago, Essie was “just a dream” for me. It was the nail polish brand that I see on magazines and dream about owning one day. Now, it’s actually a reality – and still humbling sometimes. Thank You, Lord! From your nail-polish-addicted daughter, haha. 😀

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