115th Anniversary of Philippine Independence

Last June 12 (or something?), the Philippine consulate here in Guangzhou invited the Filipino community and the international consulate community to an afternoon celebration of Philippine independence. Seriously, I wasn’t aware about the event until a day before it, and after being invited by the consulate to lunch for the same event last year, I wasn’t expecting an invitation for this year. God truly has a way of surprising people, though, and to make the long story short, I got to go. 🙂 Weeee.

This year was even fancier than last year’s, with a photo memory below:

With fellow students! (third from right)

The party was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Guangzhou, which meant we really had to dress up. In spite of my growing wardrobe, I realized I don’t have something formal slash fancy enough for the event. My junior (and this event’s photographer!) Jam let me try her maxi dress, which I was horrified to wear as I’m not used to maxis. My initial thought was preggo, but friends make you feel okay about anything, so with a few accessories and borrowed shoes, we were all good to go!

Enough talking, now for the photos! There’s a loooot (I think even more than my post about our Palawan trip), so let’s organize. Event location + outfit shots first!

OHHH by the way. More than half of these shots are Jam’s and not mine, so I didn’t watermark those photos. Some, however, I did edit a little, so there’s a little watermark on those photos! Little watermark = hers, edited; normal watermark = mine. Let’s gooo!

Dress borrowed from Jam, peeptoe heels borrowed from Date. Now this makes me thing of the “something borrowed, something blue” thing they say for weddings. HARHAR! Super off topic!

Kung saan-saan na lang humahawak!  Haha!

Bag from H&M

Necklaces from Forever 21 and Stradivarius

Tourism bags

This was the day when I realized that hair can change a lot of things! Being a no-fuss girl when it comes to hair, I was pleasantly surprised when my beloved Date (who is amazing with hair, by the way) helped me do a waterfall braid, or is that what it’s called? Anyway, it was so prettyyy! I couldn’t stop touching my hair 😀 which messed it up, but well. PRETTY HAIR!!! ❤

Heavily edited because it was blurry. HAHA! Enough of me, off to the ballroom where the party was!


Philippine food is the best – especially if you haven’t had so many of them in a long time!


Mango and shrimp salad

So what were we there to do, really? Well, my partner-for-the-day Sheila and I were assigned to this table where we were supposed to promote Philippine mangoes to the people attending. Not much of a job, I should say! After all, who can resist Philippine mangoes? 🙂 Imported straight from the Philippines, day!

To be honest, we were worried that being in a corner table, we would miss out on all the fun and socializing and food and whatnot. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry! 🙂 People kept coming in, and the consulate officials were gracious enough to let us eat together with them. THAT’S PHILIPPINE HOSPITALITY FOR YOU!

The hardworking officials from the Philippine consulate, all dressed up in their ternos and barong! I love how young our consul general looks. :p Eeep haha. I mean, I love how fun all of them are! Serious when it comes to business, but never forgetting the fun – especially vice consul! That’s the average Pinoy for you!

AND OH, did I mention that there was free-flowing San Miguel beer the whole night? Personally, I prefer other beers over San Mig, but I do know a lot of people who were delighted with this setting. 😀

I put this photo to 1) show you my beautiful friend slash hairdresser slash date Janne; and 2) to show you how photo-worthy the lavatories were! Haha!

Now for the PARTY SHOTS! There wasn’t supposed to be a party, but the last program of the night was a two-person Pinoy band who played all these rocking songs. Being classic Pinoy, some got up to dance right at the center. You can tell that my friends and I were hooked, and joined in the fun!

Silly dance moves paired with old Filipino classics = win.


See the tall dude on the two photos above? That’s actually the Chilean embassy’s trade director, Nicolás. But before we knew that, he was just this bibbo guy who went along with all of our silly dances and antics! Definitely pasado in the Pinoy’s book! He invited me to dance to “Dancing Queen” at a time where I went barefoot and took off my heels because an hour or so of dancing nonstop can be too much. Hence, he super-dwarfed me! Haha! He gave me his card after, which I doubt I’ll be using soon, but it made me think: I WANT A BUSINESS CARD OF MY OWN TOO! 😀 Haha!

Our juniors also performed, including tinikling and another dance I forgot the name of. Always so proud of them! 🙂 People kept saying they looked like a professional dance group!

Before going on full photo-op vanity with friends, we had the lovely opportunity to take pictures with our consul general and vice consul! So blessed to have people as nice and down-to-earth as them as our officials! 🙂

I really, really want to reach out at the screen and correct my posture here. Anyway, just look at our con-gen na lang. Haha!

As soon as people finally stopped dancing and the event was practically over… PHOTO-OP TIME!

The infamous duckface. LOL

By this time, I was already wearing my new favorite, my chocolate Tkees! Date’s heels were comfy, but after almost 10 hours, including an hour or so of dancing, my feet have GIVEN UP!

Date’s nomnom face! GAAAAH! Crazy adorable! I can’t even!

With Jam 🙂

THERE WE GO! 55 photos, that’s not so much compared to other people’s standards, but it’s definitely a record for me. This is primarily why I decided to start blogging – not to show off stuff or whine and moan, but to be my second memory for everything awesome God has blessed me with – like this night. He reminded me that a simple night of music, clean fun, and laughter with friends can be one of the happiest blessings in the world. 🙂


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