Colour of the Week

COLOUR: The Face Shop – GR502

Let’s just say that I’ve been blessed, again, and a pretty substantial shipment of new nail polish is coming my way in a few days. So for the meantime, I’m having fun revisiting the old colors in my collection, such as this one:

The Face Shop GR502

The Face Shop doesn’t go creative with their names or something, so it’s just plain GR502 right here! As you can see, it’s a simple enough green, but not a real green – it has in it more yellow undertones that it looks yellow green on your first coat.

In natural light

Totally forgot to take indoor photos, sorry! 😐 What I’d like to say about the application and formula is, it’s a creme on the heavy side. You get lots of polish on one brush’s side, enough to cover your nail. That being said, you have to be really careful about it pooling to your cuticles and sides and stuff. It can also go a little thick. The first two coats can be tricky and streaky, like what you see above. But overall, it’s a pretty easy one to work with.

 Short and sweet enough! The wear was not so impressive, though, as a chip showed up on the second day, with more on the third day. I can’t stand chips like that and took the whole thing off. So yes, three-day nails. 😐

There was one more that performed poorer than that though:

This is also from the Face Shop, whose-shade-shall-not-be-named. What you see above are two coats, and if you look carefully, you can see the wrinkle-like streaks and lines running down the nail. I tried using topcoat to remedy the problem, but it looked the same. 😦 I looked like I had grandma skin polish on.

Who wants nails like this? 😦

Such a pretty color pa naman, no? As we Pinoys often say, sayang. I normally cherish my polish bottles but this one went into the trash can without further hesitation.

I actually have another nails post up (nails are bare, clean and resting now! Yay!), but I promise, I’ll have something else posted next time! Haha!


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