How Life Is Going

I promise I have something interesting, if not different to post about next time. For now, here are more shots of all the quirks and blessings my Father has been blessing me with! 🙂

Put the last nails in the coffin today for my 论文 aka thesis! Done and done with! Thank you, Lord! Now it’s officially a month to go before I leave Guangzhou. 😦

Our local McDonald’s is now carrying, for a limited time, bacon cheeseburgers. I am going to make full use of this opportunity! It’s that good! 🙂

That’s Chinese for the Avengers. Awesome movie, yes? 🙂

Black and gold are some of the most elegant combinations I can think of. New additions to ze wardrobe prove that!

Remember my post about cute printed band-aids? It’s always cute to look at, but kinda sad to take them off! It feels like such a waste. 😦

My Indonesian classmate has a history of drawing the worst “tattoos” on me, what with flying birds and all. But I think this one is actually pretty cool! Not so convenient for work and stuff though, if you do turn it into the real thing.

Pudding scooting around in my classmate’s pajama pocket. As I said in the previous posts, visitors often prefer Pudding over Coconut.

We held a couple of pictorials for our graduation yearbook and stuff. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a few determined individuals and good organization! Even 30+ people like us, in this small number, are not easy to manage. That’s why seeing this situation, I gain even more admiration for those people who lead hundreds and thousands of people on a daily basis. Leadership is a skill! (How photos about my yearbook photo shoot turned into talk about leadership, I’ll never know. That’s how off-topic it is.)

TINY TOWER! It looks so immature and stuff, but I’m hooked. Try it if you have an iPad. The first few days can be a teeny bit boring, but I promise, it’s good! :p

Hokay! Last but not the least! Ze special one got his cooker back, so courtesy of him, I’ve been enjoying a lot of dorm-cooked meals nowadays. Sure is a good break from all those oily stuff outside! They’re really good, but as they say, what matters most is that is comes from the heart. HAHAHA CHOS! 😀 And that pink can on the bottom picture? French paté, I tell you, is the best thing on earth! (Why do I feel like I’ve said this before?!) Seriously, paté is so good. It goes with bread, with rice, with biscuits, with anything! IT’S SO DELICIOUS! So when my fellow paté-loving roomie bought me some straight from Madagascar, you can imagine how happy I was! Happy kitty. 🙂


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