Fit and Fat

You’ll have to forgive me for things in the blog being all about the blessings in my life right now – we’re just waiting for everything thesis to be done, and here we come, world! Err, Guangzhou and beyond.

Anyway, if you’ll compare from when they first came, our hammies Coconut and Pudding have grown by leaps and bounds. Awww I sound like a proud parent. Along the way, we’re amazed at how hamsters actually have personalities of their own, and how different two peas in a pod can be.

First up, Coconut aka Fat! She’s definitely fatter than before, what with the eating-and-no-exercising lifestyle she leads. She’s like a bloated balloon or something, hence coming up with some of the cutest photos:

LOL. She’s getting squeezed aka tortured.

How could you resist? She’s such a fattie!!!

Sittng on her butt. This drives me crazy, too.

I mean, come on! Can you look at a fat hamster sitting on her butt, paws up, and maintain the poker face?

Look at that roundness.

People who’ve seen Coconut when she first came and came back after a few weeks always get shocked at how big she is. How can she not be?  This morning, I witnessed her slapping Pudding in the face with one paw when Pudding wouldn’t give her the cheese she was eating. Hammies can be rude, too! Haha!

Here, hammie hammie…

Okay, admittedly I have more photos of Coconut again. But that was so not my intention, I promise! It’s because Pudding, aka Fit loves moving around, which makes taking photos with my ancient Kodak difficult. 😐

One thing about Pudding is this – she loves her some sunflower seeds! Whenever I put their assortment of food on, she always goes for the sunflower seeds first. Obviously, that isn’t enough to make her as fat as Coconut…

…who is stealing the thunder from Pudding in this photo! Pudding’s smaller because in the food department, she always gets beaten and bullied by Coconut. However, the thing is, whenever people come to our room to play with the hammies, almost everyone goes for Pudding – there’s something about her that’s really likeable. Of course, the fact that she doesn’t poo every 5 seconds (aka Coconut) helps a lot, too. She’s Karine’s baby!

Another thing about Pudding, she loves exercising and moving around. That’s why we call her Fit. Not to mention, she’s getting the hang of escaping the cage nowadays:

How to get out…

There was even this one time where I left the cage top open while I was reading my Bible. Thanks heavens I looked to the right for a moment, because by that time Pudding had already got out of the cage. 😐 Somehow, it reminds me of when my hamsters escaped when I was 11 years old, all the way to the garage, and my dad almost ran them over with the car.

Being a hamster momma is hard (ha, the problems of the youth today), but it only gets hard if you decide to take good care of them from the very start and maintain it until the end. Am actually looking for a blog about someone owning hammies right now! It’s a good break from all the fasyown and stuff which only makes you insecure about your body. Haha!


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