Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic

Just so you know, I created this section a while back for the purpose of keeping track of, err, what I do with my money. Busted! I should probably hide this from my parents. (Pa, Ma, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me when I get back home. Please??)

Makeup heavy post ahead! You’ve been warned!

I bought an imitation of a certain brand’s curler, and needless to say, it sucked. Sometimes, imitation stuff is just not worth it – you have to weigh the situation really well before you decided if sub-par will do the job, or will just waste your money. So I decided to save up for, among others, a Shiseido eyelash curler – its shape is more unique and suited for flatter eyelids like mine, and I must say it does a great job at grabbing my every lash. It works better when heated before use, too – makes my stick-straight lashes last a wee bit longer.

The only non-makeup photo, I guess. LOL. Bought these Steve Madden mint platforms weeks ago, just in time for our thesis defense. All I can say is, they’re the highest pair of heels I own. Even if the heel is a bit chunkier than usual, it doesn’t make walking any much easier. JUST SAYING! Haha. Uneven surfaces are not easy to navigate with this one! But ohhh, aren’t they gorgeous?

The beauty that is Naked 2! Le sigh. Read about it here.

Can I just say, I am so excited for Too Faced Shadow Insurance? It’s basically eyeshadow primer (the cheap Elf works good for me, really, but I’m running out) that keeps your eyeshadow vibrant and in place – perfect for people who have oil slicks for eyelids. LIKE ME! I’ve been kinda lazy with makeup recently, so I’ll try posting a review next time I find the time – or inspiration. (Read: shortcut for “feeling like it” LOL)

I’ve been a fan of the Palladio rice powder blotting papers (left) since I got one from my godmother, because it has two sides: one side for blotting oil, and a matte side with the rice powder to enhance the freshly-blotted, matte look. Unlike many other people’s comments, the rice powder didn’t break me out, so I decided to buy their loose powder (right). Tamang-tama, I don’t have a loose powder in my makeup bag! Haha! #excuses

I warned you, this was going to be all about makeup. Guys, get lost.

Revlon’s ColorStay liquid liner was, admittedly, an impulse buy after hearing so many people rave about it and its lasting power. Same goes with Maybelline’s Eyestudio gel eyeliner – both don’t work well alone, but stay forever on me once I put primer. Seriously, it’s like my whole face is oily but my eyelids are dry and pretty. Haha! And I’m going to justify my impulse buying by stating that, yes, I don’t have liquid liner and gel eyeliner yet in my makeup “arsenal”. Good enough reason for me, but my mom is going to kill me for sure. I even know what she’s going to say next – “one or two eyeliners are enough! How many eyes do you have to line anyway?!” 😀

So, in this regard, since I have a lot of time on my hands anyway: anyone who knows where to find me can come and play makeup with me! You’re welcome! 😀

AAAHGGH. You see, I started makeup quite late in my opinion, and limited budget forces me (not that I’m complaining) to be creative, resourceful and discerning in terms of finding good-quality makeup at affordable prices. It was only recently that I allowed myself my very first MAC item – their Lip Erase. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to be able to get to this point. Never did I imagine that I would have an actual piece of MAC in my hands!

Basically, their Lip Erase is a “lip balm” that works more as a concealer for lips. My lips are naturally leaning pink in pigment, so lipsticks and their colors don’t show up as in the tube. With this, not only do I get better results, but I can also use it to lighten any lip color I find too bright or out-there. Warning for the wise, though, don’t dream of using this on chapped or non-exfoliated lips. IT WILL BE your worst nightmare.

Of course, at the end of the day, you need something to get all that makeup off. The Face Shop’s cleansing light oil was one of the few beauty stuff that I’ve  actually tried in their store before buying it – and it removes makeup sooo well! And it’s dirt cheap! So is their strawberry-scented nail polish remover (NOT nail remover as their bottle says! Haha!). My roommates love using it as well: it’s unbelievable that it only costs around 8 RMB (around 55 pesos) online! Crazy!

Whew. It’s only a few pieces of new makeup, but I still feel so overwhelmed. I’m having a nostalgia moment here, as I opened up one of my old calendar planners that I bought from a school bazaar during my first year in China. Everything nostalgic was there – my excitement at getting good grades after our very first all-Chinese final exams, my feelings about being new to this whole living-in-China thing – everything was there. There was even a top 10 list of what I wanted to accomplish during my stay here in China, and while not all of them were material, I vividly remember number 3: “build my makeup empire”. All I had at that time was a mini eyeshadow palette (made in China, of course) which cost me 4 RMB, way overpriced for its sucky, sucky quality. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have everything I have now – and while I’m not just talking about makeup, you get what I’m trying to say. I mean, I stared at my makeup bag today and all I could say was, “wow, Lord, do you love me or what?”

I know we all have that crazy rush of adrenaline/excitement/sheer joy/whatever it is whenever we buy something new or open that package we just got, but I pray that we never forgot the Reason for all these blessings – God. After all, the money is His, the opportunities are His, and the face on which we do makeup and stuff is His! 😀 Haha!


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Happy Shopaholic

  1. You picked up such nice goodies! I absolutely adore those shoes! I just ordered the first naked palette last week and I can’t wait to get the other. I know we’re both going to love it!

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